Buka Puasa In Style with Starbucks This Ramadhan

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Ramadhan is a holy month for Muslims and break fast (buka puasa) is one of the very important meals of the day. After fasting for more than 12 hours, having a nutritious starter is important.

Understanding the needs of Muslims friends, Starbucks Malaysia has created some beverages and cookies specially made for this break fast (buka puasa).

To keep you feeling vibrant and energized all summer long, Starbucks Malaysia is introducing its new lineup of Tea-ology beverages that mix and matches the best of its Teavana™ premium teas and real seasonal fruit inclusions. Known for its thoughtfully crafted beverages, Starbucks has created uniquely delicious ways to enjoy tea with the Starbucks® Tropical Triple Citrus and Starbucks® Oolong Jelly Matcha Royale. Also making its way to the Starbucks menu this season is the Starbucks® Caramel Sweet Corn Frappuccino, a refreshing beverage to cool down during the warm evenings of Ramadan.

Tropical Triple Citrus

Make everyday a tropical getaway with the new Tropical Triple Citrus. This tropical citrus tea is a combination of a trio of orange juices, Teavana™ Emperor Cloud & Mist Green Tea and real slices of grapefruit, lemon and orange. The delightfully refreshing Tropical Triple Citrus is available iced only to help you keep cool on a hot summer day.

* Due to the unique fruit and layering builds of Tea-ology beverage, only Grande size will be available.

Oolong Jelly Matcha Royale

The new Oolong Jelly Matcha Royale is a tea lover’s dream, featuring a soothing and velvety Matcha latte base that is completed with mild toasty notes from the oolong jelly, which also brings an unmistakable chewy texture. This silky-smooth beverage is available iced only and is perfect to satisfy your tea cravings.

* Due to the unique fruit and layering builds of Tea-ology beverage, only Grande size will be available.

Chewy Kurma Cookies

Starbucks Malaysia is also introducing something that is truly unique: Chewy Kurma Cookies. This light and tasty snack is a combination of rolled oats, dates and hints of cinnamon.

Whether you are gifting this to your friends or family, or buying it for yourself, this soft and decadent cookie is perfect for a quick break of fast in the evening during the festive season.

Besides that, Starbucks Malaysia also offers it’s highly demanded summertime coffee; Starbucks® Kati Kati Blend and a new fun and vibrant Flavorful Fun Merchandise Collection. For more information, please visit Starbucks Malaysia website at http://www.starbucks.com.my.

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