Elements Kitchen & Bar Launches Its New Menu

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Elements Kuala Lumpur is one of the most sought after restaurant in TREC KL. They owns 4 restaurants in Trec KL alone which includes; Elements Marco Polo, Elements Kitchen & Bar, Elements Lounge In The Sky and the upcoming restaurant Elements Tryst.

Elements Kitchen & Bar is one of the restaurant themed to offer the best experience in theatre & dining in the most immersive culinary journey following the success footstep of Elements Marco Polo.

Starting from 20th March 2020, Elements Kitchen & Bar will be offering 12 new menu specially created by its Master Chef; Lammy Chops, Macho Nacho, Garlic-ky Pizza, Truffe Fries, Lime Ceasar Salad Steak Sandwich, Pulled Wagyu Burger, Steamed Cod, Chocolate Molten, Strawberry Sundae, Danish Pastry Tray, Miss Tropicana and many more.

Macho Nacho
Truffe Fries
Steamed Cod
Fried Fish
Lammy Chops
Lime Ceasar Salad Steak Sandwich
Pulled Wagyu Burger
Danish Pastry Tray
Apple Pie Pastry
Chocolate Molten
Strawberry Sundae

If you are looking for an exclusive theatre & dining experience with great foods, Elements Kitchen & Bar should be in one of your dining list.

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