Don’t start your festive cleaning before you get these handy helpers!

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With the year drawing to a close and Christmas and New Year peeking around the corner — not forgetting Chinese New Year just a month away after that — there are plenty of preparations to do before the festivities are upon us.

Times like this, and with everyone’s busy schedules, it is best to have all the help you can get. And not just the manpower. The tools are equally important. And having the right ones can easily halve the time and energy spent. Here’re the 4 top recommended ones from WD-40®, a household brand trusted the world over, and some tips on how to use them:

WD-40® Multi-Use Product:

WD-40®’s most popular and oldest product, this little blue and yellow can is known to be great for removing grease, grime, and stubborn gunk. It also protects metal from rust and corrosion. Think fencing grills, BBQ grates and gates. It is also a wonderful in dissolving old adhesives, which makes it to have around for the easy removal of labels, tape, stickers, and excess bonding material. Got crayon stains on the wall? Or is there gum stuck on your carpet? No problem! It also works wonders in clearing up ugly gunk and lime stains from your toilet bowls — just spray it into the bowls and swish it a few times with a toilet brush, before flushing.

3-IN-ONE® Professional Air Conditioner Cleaner:

A water-based cleaning agent, it dissolves grease, dirt, fungi, mold and other build-up from the cooling coils of your air-conditioners, easily. Just remove the filters and wash away the dust on them, spray the 3-IN-ONE® Professional Air Conditioner Cleaner onto the cooling fins, and leave it for a couple of minutes to do the work. Then all you have to do is slide the filters back into place. No rinsing required. *safety first, so switch off the power to your air-conditioner first before you start!*

WD-40® Specialist Fast Acting Degreaser:

A water-based solution that quickly removes stubborn grease, oil, dirt, soap scum and

grimy residues, this specialist has a power foam that works immediately on contact with the surface you want to clean. Simply spray on the clear formula, before wiping or rinsing away for a clean finish. For heavier stains, leave for a few seconds to let the formula penetrate, before wiping clean. It is safe on metals, glass, plastics, rubber and aluminium.

WD-40® Specialist™ Fast Drying Contact Cleaner:

A fast-acting, non-conductive cleaner, this is the perfect helper to get if you want to get rid of oil, dirt, flux residue and condensation from sensitive electronics and electrical equipment. Its formula rapidly penetrates hard-to-reach areas and dries quickly without leaving any residue. Radio and record player? Printers and copiers? This little specialist is suitable for all these and more. Just spray and leave it for a few seconds, and you’re done! *always remember to switch off electrical products and let any hot surface cool down, before you start the cleaning*

For more information about how these products can help you in your pre-holidays cleaning session, check out

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