Destinasi Rasa Serantau Ramadhan Buffet at Sofitel Hotel Kuala Lumpur

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Ramadhan and Hari Raya is a special ocassion for Muslims. It was also the time to celebrate the holy month with our friends and families, gathering and break fasting togather during puasa. This year Sofitel Hotel Kuala Lumpur and its culinary team had curated a series of Malaysian-Asian cuisines in its all time favourite dining restaurant; Kween Zeen.

During this Ramadhan with the theme of “Destinasi Rasa Serantau” at Kween Zeen Restaurant will be highlighting Chef Zahafr and Chef Hamizan’s seven signature dishes from various states of Malaysia; Fregmented Durian with Silver Catfish ‘tempoyak pating sangkar’ from Pahang, smoked wagyu beef cooked in coconut milk with bird’s eye chili ‘daging wagyu salai masak lemak chilli padi’ from Negeri Sembilan, falt rice noodles in fish gravy ‘laksam lemak Pasir Mas’ from Kelantan, rosated lamb with spices ‘kambing pangang peram pasah’ from Selangor, spicy sour gravy with fish roe ‘asam pedas telor ikan’ from Melaka, venison meat stewed in coconut milk and spices ‘rendang daging rusa tok batu kikir’ from Perak and osso buco red curry from Johor.

The Destinasi Rasa Serantau buffet dinner will be available from 23rd March – 21st April 2023 (from 6:30pm-10pm) is priced at RM 148+ per adult and RM 74+ per child aged (7-11 years old) for 23rd March – 26th March and RM 188+ per adult and RM 99+ per child aged (7-11 years old) for 27th March – 21st April 2023.

Diners would also be able to enjoy an Early Bird discount of 15% for confirmed booking before 22nd March 2023 too. For more information or bookings, call +603 2720 6608

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