Celebrate the Year of Tiger with Exclusive Chinese New Year Gifts Boxes, made specially by the special needs community under the care of SDB

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Selangor Dredging Berhad (SDB) is ushering the Year of Tiger by initiating ‘Chinese New Year Gift Boxes’ specially packed by the special needs community the company has taken under its wings. These exclusive gift boxes comprise herbs and ingredients for making soups to improve one’s immune system, coupled with tea bags to improve overall well-being.

This initiative is derived from the One-Two-Boost programme that was created back in year 2020 when SDB had collaborated with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physicians to develop a variety of prescribed herbal drinks and soups to assist people develop healthier lifestyles. Aligned with the company’s mission of ‘Driving Excellence, Building Lifelong Relationships’, SDB’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) mission aims to create employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

CSR participants are coached and supervised by job coaches throughout the packing process of these Chinese New Year Gift Boxes. Every single gift box is carefully measured and well packed by these young adults.

Since year 2011, SDB has initiated various programmes to help this community acquire skills, knowledge and income. SDB’s CSR initiatives are driven by strong purpose, and revolves around offering support while creating opportunities for individuals with disabilities to acquire skills that will prepare them for a life on their own.

The Lucky Flower Soap is a free gift with the minimum purchase of two Chinese New Year Gift Box sets.

Apart from offering them a channel for employment, the projects undertaken by SDB do not just provide temporary assistance but also enable them to learn and improve their work and social skills.

• Back in year 2011, One-Two-Juice was launched whereby a fruit juice stall was operated by young adults with disabilities at the courtyard area of Wisma Golden Eagle Realty. Through this effort, they were able to prepare juices, took and delivered orders and manned the juice stalls. Subsequently, One-Two-Juice was awarded the Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Award under the Social Empowerment Category in 2012 and 2014, emerging as one of the top CSR initiatives in the Asian region.

• Following the success of One-Two-Juice, One-Two-Wash was introduced in 2014 to create more employment opportunities and cater for individuals with special needs. The car wash initiative was implemented with specially designed processes and learning tools to assist these individuals to learn and follow through better. The operation of One-Two-Wash was also located at Wisma Golden Eagle Realty, which cater to office tenants as well as patrons from the neighbouring office buildings.

• In year 2020, the One-Two-Gift handcrafted naturally-made soaps project was introduced. The soaps are made from shea butter and essential oils to soothe and nourish the skin.

In line with the upcoming Chinese New Year festive season, celebrate with your loved ones and friends by sharing this special gift of Chinese New Year Gift Box set priced at RM98 per box, inclusive of Digestion Soup (1 packet), Throat Soothing Tea Bags (7 tea bags), Goji Berry (2 packs), Longan (2 packs), Red Dates (2 packs), Chrysanthemum (2 packs) and 6 pieces of Tiger Ang Pow packets. One free anti-epidemic brick is also a bonus for each set ordered before 10th January 2022. Alternatively, for any purchase of two Chinese New Year Gift Box sets (and above), a bar of the 5-coloured Lucky Flower soap will be given at no extra cost.

Chinese New Year Herbal Gifts are also available, priced at RM30.00, consisting of ingredients to make the Emperor Herbal Chicken, Taxillus Sweet Soup, together with Red Dates and Luo Han Guo. Each set is complemented with 6 pieces of Tiger Ang Pow packets.

Other series of herbal soups and tea bags are as follow:

• Immune Booster soup series and drink packs for boosting immune system by strengthening the digestion system
• Nourishing ‘bazhen soup’ series to enhance immunity, increase metabolic rate and improve blood circulation.
• The Green series with a range of fat loss tea, beauty tea bag, heat relief easy tea bag and heat relief family pack to maintain good liver functionality and detoxification purpose.
• The Red series to maintain a healthy heart with a selection of calming soup and calming tea bags.
• The Yellow series comprising ingredients for digestion soup, energy booster soup, and spleen purification soup, together with energy booster tea bags
• The White series for healthier lung functions with a selection of ingredients for lung nourishing soup and throat soothing teabags.
• The Black series comprising revitalizing tea bag and ingredients for Taxillus sweet soup, to strengthen the kidney and liver.

Red Dates Gift Box
Red Dates

The Chinese New Year Gift Box and Packs are combinations of these various series and selections of the gifts are fit for better digestion and overall well-being for the Chinese New Year celebration.

The Chinese New Year Gift Box are available for online purchase by emailing csr@sdb.com.my or calling at 018-2201865.

Other Festive and Customised Gifts such as hand-made soap and anti-epidemic brick soaps are available, too. You may check-out for more on One Two Boost Store at https://12boost.com.my

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