Cool Features in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung’s Galaxy Flip 3 is arguably the most exciting phone to be launched in years, if only because it brought a sturdy design and more accessible price point to the foldable phone market.

The Advantage of Samsung Galaxy A22 4G LTE

We can hardly imagine today, that there were once our smartphones are without LTE and we may not be able to find many smartphones without 5G in a few years' time. But at this point, Samsung pursues a two-pronged approach, offering several of its mid-range smartphones in one version with 4G and another with 5G. In this way, those who don't need a superfast mobile connection can still save some mone...

Samsung Galaxy A22 LTE Review: More Affordable with Better Camera

As many of us know that our country will be moving into 5G and our 3G network will be discontinued soon. Does this mean that 4G LTE's phones would not be in phase-out too?

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G Review: Light and Compact

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3, we were impressed with the new design-build of this Z Flip for this time around. The Galaxy FLip 3 actually brings us back to the late 1990s; where the flip phones trends had started. We still remember how stylists we are if we are holding on flippable phones with us. It was the time where many of the phone brands had launched many di...

Samsung Galaxy Z Filp 3: Our First Impression

While several smartphone brands are still developing their first generation of foldable smartphones, Samsung is already out with its third generation fold as well as flip. The South Korean smartphone manufacturer is trying to make its foldable technology available to the masses, especially its latest addition of the flip dubbed the Galaxy Z Flip 3. We have been using the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 fo...

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Review – Foldable Is Getting Better

Last year’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 was already a great device, with a ton of improvements over the original Fold, and Samsung has taken things up a few notches with the Z Fold 3. The Z Fold 3 is the world’s first water-resistant foldable phone and Samsung’s first-ever phone with an under-display camera. But, more importantly, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 supports the SPen, which has been perhaps the biggest deman...

Samsung Galaxy A22 5G Full Review

The latest mid-ranger from Samsung you would find in the market is the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G. While we have seen many tough competitors from Samsung in the past giving its competition a hard time, let’s see if Samsung can maintain its track record this time over.

Samsung Galaxy A22 5G First Impression

Early last month, Samsung had launched the new Samsung Galaxy A22 5G smartphone, the latest in its popular collection of affordable devices. The A Series is designed to make Samsung’s latest innovative products more accessible to a wider audience. Early last month, Samsung had launched the new Samsung Galaxy A22 5G smartphone, the latest in its popular collection of affordable devices. The A Serie...

MI 11 Lite: Thin and Light

As the mobile market is getting more competitive, there we more features has been added into the new launched phones. Even the mid-range phone has recently adopted more sophisticated features from the high range phones. But with the added features also means that it's needs more hardwares to supports it. Which will makes the phone more heavier at least.

Samsung Galaxy A72: In-Depth Review

Last year, the midrange Galaxy A71 was a success and became quite popular. Now, its successor is here; the Galaxy A72 which would be expected to steal the show again. After our first impression of what we think about the Galaxy A72, we have come out with a more in-depth review of the phone and its performance in this article after trying it out for one week.

Samsung Galaxy A72: Our First Impression

It comes to our surprise that Samsung has launched it's new mid-range phones; the A-series phones; the A52, A52 5G and A72 much earlier this year. These two models of smartphones were designed to bring more premium features to a larger crowd, making them more accessible. Due to the pandemic, Samsung has streamed the event worldwide, which consisted of a prerecorded video introducing its new Galaxy...

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G: The Most Value for Money Phone?

When comes to buying a phone, we always try to find the best value for money phone of that season to buy. With the recent phone launches by many brands, which one do you think that is the best for you? And what are the features that you are looking at when considering one?

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