MI 11 Lite: Thin and Light

As the mobile market is getting more competitive, there we more features has been added into the new launched phones. Even the mid-range phone has recently adopted more sophisticated features from the high range phones. But with the added features also means that it's needs more hardwares to supports it. Which will makes the phone more heavier at least.

Samsung Galaxy A72: In-Depth Review

Last year, the midrange Galaxy A71 was a success and became quite popular. Now, its successor is here; the Galaxy A72 which would be expected to steal the show again. After our first impression of what we think about the Galaxy A72, we have come out with a more in-depth review of the phone and its performance in this article after trying it out for one week.

Samsung Galaxy A72: Our First Impression

It comes to our surprise that Samsung has launched it's new mid-range phones; the A-series phones; the A52, A52 5G and A72 much earlier this year. These two models of smartphones were designed to bring more premium features to a larger crowd, making them more accessible. Due to the pandemic, Samsung has streamed the event worldwide, which consisted of a prerecorded video introducing its new Galaxy...

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G: The Most Value for Money Phone?

When comes to buying a phone, we always try to find the best value for money phone of that season to buy. With the recent phone launches by many brands, which one do you think that is the best for you? And what are the features that you are looking at when considering one?

Getting a Hands on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

While watching the launch live on Samsung's Facebook, its flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has caught my eyes all the way. Last 2 weeks, I had a chance to get my hands on one of the Galaxy S21 Ultra to test out its performance, and below is my review of Samsung's 2021 highest specification phone; the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S21+ Full Review

Samsung once again has launched a new series of Galaxy S phones to the market and this year its on the every early of the year. For the second year in a row, Samsung unveils three phones in the same series as part of the spring flagship roster. After 2 weeks of trying the phone out, we have come out with a more in-depth review of the phone and its performance in this article. Below are some of the...

108MP Camera with Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G

Having high resolution camera has always been a dream for us as a mobile user. This means that we could have a high quality camera whenever we are. Understanding this, Xiaomi has recently launched its new flagship phone; 10T Pro which focuses on its 108MP AI camera, a powerful processor and a long lasting battery.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE: The Cheapest Model in Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Series

The Galaxy S20 FE (Fan Edition) is the cheapest phone in Samsung's premium S20 family offering roughly 30% lower than its siblings in the S20 family. So what is the reason behind the price difference and how different Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is compare to other S20 series?

vivo Launches V20 Series in Malaysia, Bringing Industry-Leading Front Camera Capabilities to Users

Last Thursday, vivo has released the V20 SE smartphone—part of the all-new V20 series—in Malaysia. A realisation of vivo’s commitment to user-centric design, V20 SE offers innovative selfie capabilities that allow users to record and capture the perfect moments in their lives. With cutting-edge camera technology, trendy design, and strong all-around performance, V20 series devices perfectly comple...

Samsung Preparing It’s Galaxy Z Fold2 for 5G

You can now maneuver your hectic on-the-go schedule with advanced Multi-Active Window where you can control your screen layout with ease and more flexibility. You can open multiple files from the same app at the same time and view them side by side. Comes with an improved Multi-Window Tray, Galaxy Z Fold2 allows you to open multiple apps at once with the integration of App Pair and the Edge Panel ...

OPPO Collaborates with Christy Ng for It’s New Reno4 Pro Galatic Blue

OPPO recently has launched its new Reno4 Series that has attracted many interest from the consumer market. So what makes it so attractive? The new Reno4 Pro Galactic Blue is an unique colour with "Reno Glow" technique which provides a matte finish with subtle glittering detail for a more vibrant and premium feel. OPPO Reno4 Pro Galactic Blue is a premium texture with an unique mix of matte and glo...

Introducing the Galaxy Z Fold2: Change the Shape of the Future

The Galaxy Z Fold2 is Samsung’s third generation foldable device, pairing a stunning and bold design with refined engineering to push the boundaries of mobile experiences. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd has unveiled the next generation of its category-defining foldable device, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2. Packed with enhanced refinements and meaningful innovations, the Galaxy Z Fold2 delivers new fol...

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