When ever we go to any restaurants, we will define the types of cuisines that we will be eating. We believes that only restaurants that specializes in certain cuisines will make good foods. But we were wrong. Some times, some fusion or mixed cuisine restaurants produces much more better cuisines than the specializes one.

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Nestled Off Jalan Desa Pandan, there lies a Western mixed Japanese cuisines; Burger & Sushi are one of the good ones in town. With the love of western and japanese foods, a young entrepreneur Shi Mei and her mother has decided to share the foods that they love with their neighbors thought Burger & Sushi. The restaurant has always been visited my many locals, foreigners and even Japanese on a regular basis due to the authenticity of their foods compare to the others.

https://www.innova-pain.com/2023/04/19/fatg9spic Among the dish highlights in their menu were; B&S Beef Burger, Vegetarian Burger, Unagi Don, Seafood Platter, Rainbow Roll and Sushi Regular.


https://www.alarmaseguridad.com/o4kwtbm Besides food cuisines, they also offers some special drinks such as; Red October, Blue Danube, Homemade lemonade, BS Ice Tea and Hawaiian Cooler.

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Vegetarian Burger
B&S Beef Burger
Seafood Platter
Unagi Don
Sushi Regular
Rainbow Roll
Assorted Drinks

If you would like to check out more information on Burger & Sushi, you may visit their facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Burgerandsushi/


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