A More Powerful and Efficient MINI Cooper Series is Out

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The BMW’s MINI Cooper has been loved by many ladies and even men’s for its small but powerful and efficient performance. Understanding this, BMW has launched 2 new series of locally assembled MINI Cooper into the market for its fans.

The MINI Countryman serves as the biggest and the most versatile member of the MINI model family. As the first model with an exterior length of more than four metres, four doors, a large tailgate, five seats and all-wheel drive, the MINI Countryman laid the foundations for the brand’s highly successful advance into the premium compact segment. The New MINI Countryman sees a significant optimisation in terms of space, versatility, functionality and ride comfort, with its progressive character reflected in a model variant with a plug-in hybrid drive

The New MINI Countryman Variants.

Both the New MINI Cooper S Countryman and the New MINI Cooper SE Countryman now feature the MINI ALL4 Exterior Optic. The differentiated front and rear bumpers with decorative elements and sump guard in aluminium matt provide a rugged look to the new variants. The New MINI Countryman variants also feature auto LED headlights with cornering lights, bonnet stripes, roof rails and side sills.

The Union Jack Rear Light now represents an abstract interpretation of the Union Jack, with a more block-designed triangular surface, resulting in stronger lighting. A special detail is the dark tinted cover glasses that lends to a distinguishing mark to the light sources both in the day and night. The New MINI Cooper S Countryman is equipped with 19” MINI Turnstile Spoke with Run Flat Tyres while the MINI Cooper SE Countryman is equipped with the 19” MINI Yours British Spoke with Run Flat Tyres.

Both variants also feature the Piano Black Exterior Optic that ensures a particularly striking appearance. The headlight surrounds, rear lights, radiator grille and side scuttles are finished in high-gloss black instead of chrome, as are the door handles and the model lettering on the tailgate. Owners can also enjoy the convenience of Comfort Access with Easy Opener, as well as the automatic tailgate operation. Owners can also take a break from a long drive on the Picnic Bench, which is also standard with both variants.

Inside, both variants feature the MINI Yours Illuminated cockpit in Shaded Silver, conveying a stylish yet sporty flair by combining the illuminated cockpit bezel in Shaded Silver with the Dark Silver door bezels and Hazy Grey. The stylish interior is further amplified with Satellite Grey Headliner and Leather Cross Punch in Carbon Black. Both variants also feature the MINI Yours Walknappa Leather Steering, which is a first for the MINI Cooper S Countryman. A signature union jack insignia is also featured at the bottom of the steering wheel.

For the first time, the New MINI Cooper S Countryman and the New MINI Cooper SE Countryman features a 5” digital instrument cluster strategically placed behind the steering wheel to inform the driver of speed, fuel level, mileage, temperature and navigation instructions. The updated 8.8” touchscreen display with navigation offers the vehicle a refined surface look, with the audio control panel, hazard light buttons and driver assistance systems seamlessly integrated into its circular control unit. For a focused driving experience, owners can also take advantage of the Head Up Display. In-car entertainment comes in the form of a 12-speaker Harman Kardon HiFi Loudspeaker System.

Both variants now include Driving Assistant system as standard. Like a second pair of eyes, the camera-based driving assistance package enables digital high-beam assistant, speed limit information, person warning with light city braking function and approach control warning with light city braking function. The person warning and approach control warning will warn and safely brake in a speed range of approximately 10 km/h to 60 km/h. At higher speeds, it will warn the driver of potential collisions with vehicles ahead while preconditioning the brakes for a faster brake response and shorter braking distance. The braking functions help to reduce the impact speed if an accident cannot be avoided.

Powerful and efficient drivetrains, maximum fun.

A 2-litre MINI TwinPower Turbo engine sits at the heart of the MINI Cooper S Countryman, enabling the vehicle to produce 192 hp and 280 Nm of torque to achieve a century sprint in 7.5 seconds. This MINI variant is capable of a top speed of 226 km/h. Paired with a 7-Speed Dual Clutch Sports Automatic Transmission, the vehicle can achieve extremely fast gear change with a high degree of shift comfort and optimised efficiency. This allows the MINI to reduce the unnecessary fuel consumption when stopping at junctions, for example. Additionally, the coasting function is available in both MID and GREEN driving modes for the MINI Cooper S Countryman, allowing it to roll along at idling speed, free of any engine braking effect and at minimum fuel consumption.

Meanwhile, the MINI Cooper SE Countryman is powered by a 1.5 litre MINI TwinPower Turbo engine and an electric motor, producing a combined power of 224 hp and 385Nm of torque. The plug-in hybrid is capable of going from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.8 seconds. The top speed of the MINI Cooper SE Countryman is 194 km/h.

The New MINI Cooper SE Countryman features the latest eDrive technology which includes a high-voltage lithium battery with a gross energy content of 10 kWh, providing the new plug-in hybrid a maximum electrically powered range of 48 kilometres. Additionally, the ALL4 all-wheel drive system provides a noticeable boost in terms of traction, driving stability and agility. With its fast and precise electronic control, the system ensures need-based distribution of power between the front and rear wheels in all road surface and weather conditions.

The cutting-edge eDrive technology in the New MINI Cooper SE Countryman provides owners with three modes. Firstly, AUTO eDrive uses the intelligent energy management system to find the perfect balance between the TwinPower Turbo engine and electric motor. This makes the car more efficient and has a lower combined fuel consumption. Secondly, the MAX eDrive provides pure electric driving pleasure in speeds up to 120km/h. Third, the Save Battery mode, which kicks in automatically when the battery charging status is low. The petrol engine is mainly used in this mode to charge the battery, or maintain its charging status at 90%. That way, owners can enjoy purely electric driving later.

The New MINI Cooper SE Countryman can be charged at home by connecting it to a power socket via the home charging cable, which comes standard with the vehicle. Depending on the voltage of the household power grid, it takes approximately 5 hours @ 2.3kW to charge from 0-100%. Alternatively, the plug-in hybrid vehicle can be charged in one of over 300 public charging facilities across Malaysia, using the public charging cable. The 0-100% charging time with the Public Charging Station is approximately 3 hours 15 minutes @ 3.7kW. MINI Malaysia will provide every MINI Cooper SE Countryman owner with a complimentary MINI Public Charging Cable and a one-year free subscription of unlimited charging at all ChargEV stations nationwide.

MINI Connected.

Both variants are equipped with an 8.8-inch MINI Navigation System which can be operated via the touch screen, centre console, or even voice control. Owners can also connect their iPhone wirelessly to the vehicle and use the MINI Visual Boost to access numerous features on the phone with Apple CarPlay. Wireless Charging is also available to ensure mobile phones are always charged.

The new variants also feature a built-in 4G SIM card which is permanently fitted in the vehicle, enabling digital services such as the Intelligent Emergency Call, MINI TeleServices and Remote Services – which is complemented by the latest update of the MINI Connected App for seamless integration of mobility planning into the day-to-day digital routine. The MINI Concierge Service also provides an excellent source of assistance while on the move.

Owners of the MINI Cooper SE Countryman can also enjoy the eDrive Services on their MINI Connected App which provides information such as current battery status, electric range, charge timer, personal efficiency status data, the nearest charging station and pre-conditioning at their fingertips.

The New MINI Countryman variants are available in Chili Red, White Silver, Island Blue, Thunder Grey, British Racing Green and for the first-time ever, Sage Green –a captivating hue inspired by nature.

The New MINI Countryman variants will be available at all authorised MINI dealerships nationwide starting 26th February 2021. Alternatively, customers can also make booking on the MINI Online Shop at https://www.mini.my/minionlineshop.

MINI Roadside Assistance.

Both the New MINI Countryman variants are covered by MINI Malaysia’s 5 Years Roadside Assistance programme, available for all new MINI vehicles with a comprehensive list of services that include a 24-Hour, 365-days-a-year Accident and Help on the Phone and On the Spot Hotline, Free Towing Services and when needed (over 200KM from residential home), Replacement Vehicle, Seamless Mobility, Accommodation, Mobility Services Solutions as well as Repatriation services.

The MINI Roadside Assistance programme can be accessed by contacting 1800-88-8808.

MINI Service Online.

Making a service appointment has never been easier. The new online service programme will now allow customers to schedule their service needs directly at their preferred MINI Authorised Dealerships via https://service.mini.my/

MINI Financing.With the Balloon Financing from BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia, ownership of the New MINI Cooper S Countrymanand the New MINI Cooper SE Countryman starts from RM 2,708.00 per month, and RM 2,828.00 per month respectively(based on estimates of 80% loan on a five-year tenure).

The recommended retail prices of the New MINI Countryman variants with Sales Tax Exemptionand4 Years MINI Service and Repair Inclusive package(on the road for personal registration, without insurance) are:

The New MINI Cooper S Countryman:RM 244,265.76

The New MINI Cooper SE Countryman:RM 254,461.84

More information on the MINI Countryman variants can be found at https://www.mini.my

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