Why do you need a silicone lubricant at home?


Have you ever had a power window that is frustratingly slow going up and down, but you’re so busy you can’t afford to drive to the mechanic for help before it gets jammed?

Or have you ever faced the problem where the rubber inserts of your windows at home or refrigerator doors have hardened to a level that they don’t work so well anymore? So basically your windows or refrigerator doors don’t close so well — in fact it often leaves an annoying gap — and all you think you can do is to rip off the inserts and replace them with new ones?

Well, situations like this demonstrate clearly that rubber and PVC degrade and harden over time. To counter this, we basically need plasticizers to restore the hardened rubber to its original suppleness.

This is why the WD-40® Specialist™ High Performance Silicone Lubricant becomes handy to have at home.

All you have to do is spray a layer of this silicone lubricant onto the problematic surface.

It is a non-staining and hard-working formula that provides excellent lubrication, without attracting dirt. It also protects against moisture, and is waterproof.

Wait, you’re doing some home maintenance work and found a plastic drain pipe that’s stuck badly? No problem. Just spray on the parts and you will find that it will unlock easily.

Besides rubber and PVC, this also works great on metal and vinyl. So you can use this on door hinges and padlocks, and to free seals like PVC door seals, push fit plumbing and more.

As for the problematic power window, just wind it down and spray the WD-40® Specialist™ High Performance Silicone Lubricant along the rubber inserts on both sides as well as the top part of the car door, and wipe off any excess. Leave it for a few minutes, and your power window should power up and down just fine.

For more information and tips, check out the Specialist™ automotive line-up at https://wd40.asia/.

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