Vietnamese Hotpot at Rasa Viet

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We have tried before Chinese hotpot, Japanese Shabu Shabu, Thai’s Mookata. But have you ever tried any Vietnamese hotpot before?

This was our first time trying it out too. While we are trying their Vietnamese cuisines at Rasa Viet previously, we found out that they also offer Vietnamese-style hotpot too. Hence we have paid another visit to Rasa Viet again last weekend to try out their Vietnamese hotpot.

To start off with, there were 3 types of hotpot to be select; Beef Hotpot set, Chicken Hotpot set or Vegetarian Hotpot. We know that Vietnamese cuisines were famous for their Beef dishes but this round we would like to check out their Chicken Hotpot instead.

The Chicken Hotpot set comes with cutlets of chicken, prawns, fish balls, and an egg to goes with the unlimited refillable Chicken Soup. To get the best taste of the soup, they also offer a chili-lime soup that should be poured into the soup and a 3 flavor chili sauce too which also comes with a plate of soup garnishing. That makes it perfect for 2 person hotpot.

If you are a big eater like us, you could also order some side add-ons to goes with the hotpot such as; assorted vegetables, beef slice, beef meatball, vermicelli, and many more.

Of course not forgetting what we have been craving for; their drinks! To start off the meal its delicious fresh homemade Cempedak smoothies were the best to cool us down. After the meal, we also have ordered the best Vietnamese drop coffee that we had so far to end the meal. The VN Drop Coffee could be consumed either hot or cold depending on your preference.

Overall, this was another unforgettable Vietnamese cuisine that we had and we definitely will be going back again to try out their other Vietnamese dishes that we had not tried out. Hmm.. maybe with some other repeat dishes such as Smoked Duck Pho, Cempedak Smoothie and VN Drip Coffee again? LOL….

If you would like to try out Rasa Viet’s Vietnamese cuisines, check out their Facebook at

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