Trip to Hong Kong Must Visit: JAJA – The most fashionable vegetarian delights

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JAJA is a Spanish word pronounced as [ˈhɑːhɑː], which means a laughing sound and it has inspired the restaurant to represent a vegetarian restaurant celebrating happiness. It is driven by the passion to redefine healthy, vegetarian dining as fun and fashionable. Being a meat-free dining spot, this is perfect for Muslims who are looking for pork and lard-free restaurants to put on their list.

Curated to be aesthetic and fashionable, JAJA is the perfect place for you to visit for that Insta-worthy foodie shot. This unique and vibrant spot will definitely get you to ‘feed’ your cameras first before yourself. Look out for unique food on their menu like 1-meter Red Curry Pizza, Living Maki Platter, Soup-er Wonton, super cute ‘Shake-It-Off’ drinks, and ‘Feeling Chia-full’ healthy desserts. The Dreamy Balloon Adventure afternoon tea is also impressively presented. If JAJA is to be described in 3 words; it is INSTAGRAMMABLE, FUN, and COLOURFUL!

Location: 2 Harbour Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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