Timeless Treasures Collection by Lady Yi’s Tea House

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Are you ready to embark on a delectable journey filled with nostalgia and enchanting flavors?

Look no further than Lady Yi’s Tea House and their Timeless Treasures Mooncake Collection. As a mooncake enthusiast, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to indulge in these exquisite treats inspired by the captivating tale of Lady Yi and her grandmother’s mid-autumn festival memories.

The Timeless Treasures Collection by Lady Yi Four Points Chinatown arrives in a beautifully designed lantern box, reminiscent of the radiant paper lanterns that once illuminated the hearts of Lady Yi and her grandmother. The intricate Peranakan tile motifs adorning the box instantly transport you to a bygone era. This dual-purpose box, serving both as storage and a lantern, is a delightful touch, evoking memories of playing with lanterns under the moonlight.

The highlight of any mooncake experience is undoubtedly the flavors, and Lady Yi’s Tea House has curated a selection that does not disappoint. The Lady Yi’s Signature 11 Treasures Tea mooncake blends rich, aromatic tea with a medley of delightful surprises, making it a must-try for tea enthusiasts. For those who appreciate classic flavors, the White Lotus with Single Yolk mooncake offers a perfect balance of velvety lotus paste and a salted egg yolk at its core.

If you’re a fan of unique twists, the Green Tea mooncake delivers an exciting blend of fragrant green tea and smooth lotus paste, creating an unforgettable taste fusion. And last but not least, the Red Bean mooncake, with its sweet and nutty red bean paste, pays homage to tradition with a touch of modern refinement.

Each mooncake from the Timeless Treasures Collection is a masterpiece in taste and texture. The mooncakes boast a perfect balance of sweetness, with flavors that dance gracefully on the palate. The smooth lotus paste in every variant provides a luxurious mouthfeel, while the traditional mooncake crust adds a delightful flakiness that complements the fillings perfectly.

Priced at RM188+ per box, inclusive of all four mooncakes, the Timeless Treasures Collection offers exceptional value for the experience it provides. The Early Bird discount of 25% off until August 22, 2023, further sweetens the deal. Considering the intricate packaging, variety of flavors, and high-quality ingredients, it’s safe to say this collection is worth every penny.

Lady Yi’s Tea House has truly outdone themselves with the Timeless Treasures Mooncake Collection. From the moment you unbox the beautifully designed lantern box to the last indulgent bite of each mooncake flavor, the collection encapsulates the essence of mid-autumn festival magic. Whether you’re a mooncake connoisseur or simply looking to create lasting memories with loved ones, the Timeless Treasures Collection is an absolute must-try this season.

For those eager to embrace the beauty of the past and the magic of mooncakes, head to https://www.ladyyisteahouse.com to order your Timeless Treasures Mooncake Collection today.

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