The Samsung’s New Neo QLED 8K & Neo QLED TV Range is now in Malaysia

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Samsung Malaysia Electronics yesterday celebrated its latest collection of consumer electronics at the Neo QLED 8K TV Media Showcase, an experiential conference with the greatest and most unique products that Samsung has to offer; the Neo QLED 8K TV.

Samsung pledges to deliver the most pristine picture and sound to your living space with the new Neo QLED 8K TV range is more than just television, shown through an extensive list of features. It can be a game console, a SmartHub for controlling the home, a workout companion, or even a productive workstation – all powered by Samsung’s people-first technology.

“With 16 consecutive years at the forefront of TV manufacturing and eight more as a top leader in the global soundbar market, Samsung understands the responsibility it holds,” said Jimmy Tan, Head of Consumer Electronics of Samsung Malaysia Electronics. “This comprehension is exactly why Samsung stayed committed to its ‘Together for Tomorrow’ vision that pushes innovation towards a future where connected and customisable experiences align with different lifestyles to nurture progress for both the planet and its people.”

Cinematic Moments Like Never Before

The new range of Neo QLED 8K TVs come equipped with Quantum Matrix Technology Pro (with Quantum Mini LED) and Shape Adaptive Light Control to bring out finer details in greater contrast.

The Quantum Mini LED, at 1/40th the size of a normal LED, flushes out brighter colours and the deepest black, reducing bloom and enhancing overall clarity for seamless viewing. Whereas the AI-backed Shape Adaptive Light Control should precisely map out objects in the screen and adjust their lighting to induce deep immersion every time.

To capture a full cinematic experience, the Neo QLED 8K TVs were also engineered with Dolby Atmos Experience Sound to create the feel of realistic depth in audio. Regardless, whether it’s a movie night with the family or just gaming with friends, the unparalleled images and 3D soundscape from the Neo QLED 8K TV range and Q-series Soundbar will make the party a definite moment to remember.

Samsung’s goal is to integrate your Work, Live and Play through technology where:

WORK: A Smarter Space for Productivity

The way we live has changed in recent years. With hybrid-working and schooling being a standard for most people, we have greater flexibility now to be productive while staying home.

The PC to TV feature on the television allows users to remotely connect their computers to work on a larger screen – easily fitting spreadsheets, documents, browser tabs, or all of them at once with the Multi View feature.

LIVE: Check Off Every Fitness Goal You Set

The Neo QLED 8K TV is a handy companion for crushing at-home workouts. Aside from movie, gaming, and workspace optimisation, the television introduces a series of features that can help bring out a person’s best self, right from the living room.

Watch what’s on your TV and mobile on the same screen at the same time, whether its live stats for sports or workout video guides. You can even connect your TV with Samsung SlimFit Cam to view yourself on the screen and make sure your form is in tip top shape. Bring the gym home to you and unlock new ways to keep fit.

PLAY: Play to Your Limits

Samsung promises gaming at only the highest level and the Neo QLED 8K TV range is no exception too. Samsung TVs were the first to feature AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology to eradicate screen tears and stuttering framerates, but the Neo QLED 8K TV pushes visual fidelity even further with a Quantum-Dot display screen to handle incredible vibrance and depth.

On the side of performance, the Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro ensures that on-screen visuals always move smoothly at a constant 144Hz no matter how fast the in-game action gets.

Building Green for the Environment

Samsung stayed committed to their ‘Together for Tomorrow’ vision on the new Neo QLED 8K TV through its multipurpose eco-friendly packaging and solar-powered remote. The SolarCell Remote was built to diminish the need for batteries by instead harvesting energy with its back-laced solar panel.

Now in 2022, the remote can even charge from radio frequencies found in Wi-Fi devices and will be included in more Samsung devices to eliminate more than 200 million batteries from landfill.

“Samsung carries the dream to create a compassionate world in which connectivity and sustainability accelerates planetary conservation for the good of mankind. This is the tomorrow we seek,” said Han. “By emphasising reusability all the way from the production line to distribution, it is our hope as market leaders that Samsung’s impact would encourage many others to join us in envisioning an era of sustainability and positive environmental change.”

The Retail Recommended Pricing for 2022 Neo QLED 8K TV are:

To purchase, head on to and stay updated on our latest deals. For more information, including images of the products seen at the recent Neo QLED 8K TV Media Showcase, please visit:

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