The Homegrown Taste of SiChuan Mala at Sunway Velocity Mall

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A homegrown SiChuan Mala cuisines that specializes on Mala Soup which has been the talk of the town has opened up another outlet in Sunway Velocity.

Located at B1 of Sunway Velocity Mall, you will never missed it if you are coming down from Parkson’s escalator. What makes Lucky Mala special was the ability to us as the diners to select our favourite side dish, types of noodles and also its soups. Diners can choose from a variety of proteins including chicken, lamb, beef, and fresh seafood; starches such as sweet potato noodles, and a variety of vegetables, then cooking them in a boiling pot of Sichuan pepper-infused broth.

Those who are not in favour of too spicy soup, diners could tone down the mala flavor with a mild version of the cooking broth or even select it’s non-spicy soup for the meal. At the sametime, there were some homemade drinks that you could also order togather with their mala noodles such as soya bean and luo han guo.

If you would like to check out Lucky Mala, pay a visit to Sunway Velocity Mall’s B1 or visit their Facebook at

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