The Chicken Rice Shop Launches “AYAM HOT-AH!” this Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year is here and The Chicken Rice Shop had launched its latest hot and spicy menu, the Ayam Hot-Ah, filled with all the flavours of abundance and deliciousness representing Chinese New Year. Available from now till 28 February 2023, this wholesome menu is offered nationwide to entice Malaysians to eat their hearts out with friends and family during reunion gatherings.

The Ayam Hot-Ah has been created with a mixture of delicious spicy gravy, paired with fried tofu and topped with spring onions, this dish will undoubtedly make you go “Hot-Ah”! Whether you’re coming in to enjoy a meal alone or to share it with your family and friends, TCRS has catered this menu to suit your preference with three different sets to choose from for varying groups.

Meal 1 is catered to a Single diner and is served with 2pcs of Ayam HOT-AH, a Small Pak Choy with Oyster Sauce, a bowl of Rice and the Soup of the Day. If you are going there with a friend, Meal 2 is the one for you. It comes with 2 pcs of Ayam HOT-AH, a Single serve Chicken (with a choice of Roast/Steamed/Soy Sauce), a Regular Nyonya Pai Tee, a Regular Sai to Fish Ball Soup, a Regular Pak Choy with Soy Sauce or Spicy Savoury Ladies Fingers, 2 bowls of Rice and 2 Soup of The Day.

Finally with you are coming with family members of 4, you may opt for Meal 3 which comes with 4 pcs of Ayam HOT-AH, 1/4 Chicken (with a choice of Roast/Steamed/Soy Sauce), a Large Pai Tee, a Large Penang Rojak, 3 pcs Penang Famous Chicken Rolls, a Large Pak Choy with Oyster Sauce or a Large Spicy Savoury Ladies Fingers, 4 bowls of Rice and 4 Soup of The Day. If you just would like to try out their Ayam HOT-AH, you may also order it from the Ala-Carte menu as well.


Additionally, to hype this Lunar New Year, TCRS is calling its customers to partake in the ‘Ayam Hot-Ah’ challenge (where participants are invited to send in a video to shout the longest “Hot-Ah” in the most creative manner) organized by TCRS in conjunction with its newly launched menu.

Fans can now join in this exciting challenge and stand a chance to win TCRS sedapZ vouchers! Why now try it out this is a must-try meal this Chinese New Year? Who knows you will be the lucky winner to win some FREE Meals.

Pst: Don’t forget to belanja us if you win ok? 😉

For more information on the latest Ayam Hot-Ah menu and the Ayam Hot-Ah Challenge, visit or its Facebook page

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