The Best Local Foods at Uncle Joe’s Kopitiam

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As a Malaysian we love to eat good food. But it is not easy to find delicious local foods all in one place. In Taman Cheras there were on nestled kopitiam nearby to the wet market that has it all. eRayn3 found out that the Uncle Joe’s Kopitiam are serving one of the best Nasi Lemak and Curry Noodles in Kuala Lumpur.

Besides that, we have discovered that their Prawn and Beef Wan Tan Hor, Chicken Rice, Kaya Butter Toast are also equally good. They even have their own secret iced coffee that was so smooth. We had a chat with the kopitiam owner and found out that he is a food lovers. He has traveled almost most of the countries in the world and tasted most of the good local foods in that area.

When he came back to Malaysia, he has opened up this Kopitiam to serve his own favourite local foods, designed by he himself. The shop has always been filled up with customers in the morning and afternoon. Of you would like to have a try on their foods, you may choose to visit them during the evening time.
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