Supreme Conqueror Dry Pot Experience at ChuanXi Bazi

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Earlier this month, ChuanXi Bazi has launched its first ever dry pot named Supreme Conqueror Dry Pot.

What’s makes this dry pot so special was its one-pot meal concept that has been specially made for the dry pot by its Master Chef. Not all of us likes mala steamboat and this is one of the dish that we could order when were there.

The dry pot was cooked with onions, dried chilies, slices potatoes any many more paired with a selection of either prawn, pork intestines, chicken or spare ribs where you could also paired with their special noodles.

Once you had enough of the dry pot, you could then turn the pot into a tasty soup by adding some of their special broth together with its complimentary chinese cabbage given.

This dish is an all-in-one pot that could cater to either mala dry pot or soup lovers. Which means no matter which way you like your mala, you will be able to get it in this dish.

For more information on ChianXi Bazi, check out their Facebook at

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