Yes it is Health Care Forte again. We are eRayn3 here were really in favour of the dishes cooked by Health Care Forte’s Chef Pam. Starting from it’s first Lobster Noodles which as caught our heart till its recent Poon Choi and now its Pork Ribs Fragrance Rice. To be very honest, their dishes had not disappoint us so far. This time we had tried out its latest Pork Ribs Fragrance Rice. Health Care Forte’s Pork Ribs Fragrance Rice are served with delicious Pork Ribs, Dry Scallops, Yam, Sliced Mushrooms, Dried Shrimp paired with Chef’s special sauce.

Tramadol Online By Cod Normally, we personally do not like rice which is cooked in the claypot. It normally will makes the rice dry and sometimes the based on the rice are brunt. But Health Care Forte’s Pork Ribs Fragrance Rice had impresses us again. It’s rice had a fragrance taste in it and it’s not too dry or wet. It was just nice. It’s Pork Ribs we perfectly marinated and cooked. The meat were tender and juicy too. The Chef had also added dry Scallops into the Pork Ribs Fragrance Rice as toppings making this dish more premium too. Paired with its Chef’s special sauce, had make this Pork Ribs Fragrance Rice even more better. Another perfect art dish that has been made by Chef Pam of Health Care Forte. With the price of RM78 (for 4 pax), you will also be rewarded with 2 FREE bottles of Bird’s Nest Drink too. This meal is a worthwhile meal to look out for. If you would like to check out their delicious dishes, check out their Facebook at Pst: Use our CODE: eRayn3 when you purchase and receive a discount of 10% on normal price dishes and 5% on promotions price dishes.

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