Sony Alpha 9 III: Unleashing Visual Brilliance with the World’s First Global Shutter – A Symphony of Speed, Precision, and Innovation!

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Sony Electronics proudly introduces the Alpha 9 III, a revolutionary camera featuring the world’s first full-frame global shutter image sensor. This cutting-edge technology allows for burst speeds of up to 120 frames per second, eliminating distortion and blackout for seamless, high-speed shooting. The Alpha 9 III combines this innovative sensor with Sony’s most advanced autofocus system, incorporating AI with up to 120 times AF/AE focus calculations per second.

Key Features of the Alpha 9 III:

1. Global Shutter Image Sensor: The camera boasts a world-first full-frame global shutter stacked CMOS image sensor with approximately 24.6 effective megapixels. Paired with the latest BIONZ XR® image processing engine, it achieves blackout-free continuous shooting at speeds of up to 120 frames per second.

2. AI-Powered Autofocus: The high-density focal plane phase detection AF and designated AI processing unit enable Real-time Recognition AF, ensuring precise subject recognition at incredible speeds. The AI processing unit enhances both still and video performance, recognizing and tracking subjects with unmatched accuracy.

3. Flash Sync at Any Speed: With a maximum shutter speed of 1/80000 second, the Alpha 9 III supports flash synchronization at all shutter speeds. This groundbreaking feature, when used with compatible Sony flashes, opens up new possibilities for capturing scenes that were once challenging with conventional technology.

4. Versatile Video Capabilities: The global shutter image sensor delivers distortion-free video recording, allowing users to shoot 4K 120p high-frame-rate video without cropping. The camera also features S-Cinetone™ for enhanced video quality, rich gradation, and compatibility with various LUTs in Log shooting mode.

5. Enhanced Operability for Professionals: Sony prioritizes the needs of professional photographers with improved ergonomics, a customizable focus area from XS to XL, and a preset focus/zoom function for quick recall. The Alpha 9 III also offers a Pre-Capture function, allowing users to record the moment one second before pressing the shutter.

6. High-Speed Workflow and Connectivity: The camera supports a high-speed workflow with features like a playback image filter, a function menu during playback, and efficient data transfer. It is equipped with a 5 GHz communication system for fast FTP transfer and is compatible with professional mobile applications like “Transfer & Tagging” and “Remote Camera Tool.”

7. Future Functional Enhancements: Sony plans to further enhance the Alpha 9 III through software updates, introducing features such as FTP operability, relay playback, and C2PA format support.

The Alpha 9 III and VG-C5 vertical grip will be available in Malaysia from Q1 2024. For detailed information, visit Sony’s official website. Explore the product through informative videos: Unveil Video, Product Feature Video, and Alpha Special Event Archive Video.

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