Smore Opens at Bukit Jalil

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S’More is one of our favorite restaurants in town for delicious fusion foods. Earlier last month, S’More had opened another outlet in Bukit Jalil.

Out of our excitement, we had paid a visit to this outlet to try out some of the signature dishes offered in this outlet. Among some of the dishes that we tried out were; Aloha Aloha Pizza, Garlic & Mussel, Big Brekkie, Egg Benedict, Open Salmon Sandwich, and Sababa. As for beverages, we had tried out their signature drinks, it’s Lime & Mint and Gold Rush Latte.

Aloha Aloha Pizza
Garlic and Mussel Pizza
Big Brekkie
Open Salmon Sandwich
Egg Benedict
Lime & Mint
Gold Rush Latte

As usual, S’More did not disappoint us with delicious foods and we totally love all of the foods that we have tasted on their menu. Each S’More outlet has its own signature menu based on their outlet’s chef specialties and all of them were great in quality and taste. This is what we can say about S’More.

If you would like to know more about S’More and S’More in Bukit Jalil, visit their Facebook at

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