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Foods are something that all Malaysian love regardless of race, religion, and age. With the varieties of us as a Malaysian being spoiled with, there were many restaurants that have learned how to create more fusions foods that suit our Malaysian taste buds.

Define Foods is one of the restaurants that has been well known for its delicious and quality foods. Paired together with their creativity, they have been always one of the restaurants to looks for when we are looking for a place to eat. Define Food’s menu takes influence from our multicultural nation, from street food stalls on Gurney Drive to fine dining establishments in the heart of KL.

Its Master Chef; Chef Malcolm leads the kitchen using a combination of classic and modern cooking techniques, to showcase and enhance natural flavors while bringing the best out of the freshest, high-quality ingredients. Recently, Chef Malcolm and his team have come out with even more new dishes to enhance another level of new dining experience for its guest.

“We’re stripping away the fancy gimmicks – like the accuracy of where an asparagus tip should be, or where sauce should be pulled on a plate – and offering authentic flavor on a plate with minimum fuss. Allow the taste to do the impressing,” says Chef Malcolm.

We had a chance to pay a visit to its Mid Valley outlet to try out some of its newly created dishes such as Chicken Parmigiana (Breaded Chicken Breast Bechamel, Mozzarella, Tomato Fondue and Side Salad) with soft and tender chicken on the inside paired with cheesy mozzarella and tomatoes, salads which balanced the meat texture perfectly, Smoked Salmon Pizza (salmon gravlax, lumpfish caviar and herbed cream cheese capers) has given us a true taste of the sea with salmon gravlax and lumpfish caviar that bursts into our mouth, Tom Yum Risotto (Mussels, Squid, Cubbed Salmon and Prawns) definitely something special and we love and the freshness of its mussels, squid and prawns too, Prawn Aglio Olio (Prawn, Garlic Confit, Cherry Tomatoes and Olive Oil) the garlic confit together with the freshness of the prawn makes a perfect combination of an Aglio Olio pasta has made us want it for more and Ebi Katsu (Tiger Prawn patty, Dijon Mustard, Pickled Red Cabbage and Butter Brioche Bread) which has been a long-time favourite of many including us. As for desserts, we have got its highly recommended Panda Cheesecake (preserved with jackfruit) which also had brought back nostalgic feelings with the pandan taste.

It was a great dining experience for us. The dishes that have been recommended by the staff in Define Foods were all quality and delicious. Indeed as many have commented, this place is definitely a great place to hang out with great company and foods.

Define Foods also offers to take away delivery through Food Panda and Grab Foods too. For more information, check out their Facebook at

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