Quill City Mall led an expert forum to discuss the new “phygital” retail future

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The digital technology evolution is here. Technology adaptation are crucial for business success. Retailing industry has being force to adapt or die.
In order to create a better customer experience for the customers, Quill City Mall is taking a new turn in 2020 with a brand new retail strategy, making their mall all about creating a meaningful shopping platform for stakeholders including local entrepreneurs.

“Quill City are taking its initiative to create a better customer experience for its retail shoppers through a shopping platform with a physical space using the consumer-centric tech infrastructure that facilitates the interactions between consumers and brands through the shopping experience. Through the digital adapation, we will also be seeing more younger crods be coming into Quill City Mall too.” said Mr Koong Wai Seng, the CEO of Quill Group of Companies.

On 10th December 2019, Quill City has taken its first step in adapting into the “phygital” retail market by organizing a forum on “The Future of Retail” gathering six of the main industry players in the market to discussed about the impact the digital era brings to the retailing industry.

According to the CEO of Presto, Mr. Cheong Chia Chou “Cross channel (online store, online market, retail, catalogue and social medias) content strategy could improve user experience. It could results in 250% higher purchase rates when using 3 or more channels. With Omni Channel/Cross Channel, business could also react out faster and to a wider audience at an efficient cost.”

Mr. Anwar Jumabhoy, an Investor cum Industry Expert says “Technology turbo-charged innovation that has lead to new products (drones, preseptic legs for athelets, smartphones), services (grab, fiver, lazada, amazon, spotify), new businesses (bitcoin, air asia). New products and services are disrupted several industries such as oil and gas, banking, music industry, transportation, hotels, books, retail) too. In order to survive, business have to adapt to change”
A successful business are the one who could create pleasure and avoid pain for consumers.

Based on study, food waste in Malaysia on a daily basis could filled up 18 times of KLCC Convention Center. This statistics on foods waste are alarming. In order to reduce the food wastage, Mr. Redza Shahid the Founder of Grubcycle has created a Social Supermarket to sell edible food waste.
”Through the social marketplace, we could helps to reduce the foods wastage while benefiting to consumers and businesses. Consumers could purchase these edible foods at an discounted price while companies could benefits by getting revenues from these food waste instead of throwing it.” said Mr. Redza

But this approach did not manage to reach out to those consumers who are not digital savy. Hence Grubcycle has taken initiatives to set up booths in PPR community during weekends to sell overproduced vegetables. This initiatives has successfully helps to saved 12,000 tons of foods waste and help businesses to gain RM 9,000 of revenue through reselling the food waste.
Malaysian business are facing a great challenge in promoting and selling their products to the overseas market. This is because not all business in Malaysia could afford to have a good digital technology to supports their business. This also includes the costly logistics cost that businesses has to pay.
Mr. Kent Lee, the Founder of Smuzcity acknowledge these issues and has created a few marketplace platforms to support the local businesses. JDL Presto (an online marketplace) and JDX Express (a logistics company) has been created to address these issues.

JDX Presto could help business to promote its products boarderlessly to the world. With the AI assisted technology, JDX Presto could personalized user experienced which could indirectly increase the changes of products being sold. While JDX Express offers instant global delivery within 48 hours, consumers can now purchase products that are not in the retail outlet with the speed as same as buying from local online retailers. In the near future, JDX Express will also be offering a risk free services to the consumer by giving an option to pay on delivery too.

Borderless logistics and live streaming marketing by influencers, Quill City is determined to provide a boarderless shopping and retail platform where local shoppers as well as businesses will gain access to global marketplace for purchases and trade.
During the forum, Quill City also has announced new tenants that are already onboard to building their very first “phygital” concept stores in Malaysia These tenants includes JDX Presto, e-Sports center and UniKL. There will also be more exciting news from Quill City in the upcoming 12 months.

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