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Vietnamese cuisines are an unique sets of cuisines. Those who have been to Vietnam before for sure would love at least one of their dishes.

But are we able to get the same taste and quality Vietnamese foods in town? Definitely a “YES! One of our favourite Vietnamese cuisines restaurant in town; Ăn Viet which literally means to “Eat Viet”, is a casual dining restaurant serving authentic Vietnamese food in Malaysia.

Ăn Viet strives to remain true to our food-losophy of using quality ingredients to produce made-from-scratch and cooked to order dishes. Their menu offers and extensive selection of authentic Vietnamese cuisines, each one crafted by their team of Vietnamese chefs and intensively trained local chefs.

One of the must try new signature Beefiest Pho. With 3 options to choose from; Vietnamese Beef Noodle Special which comprises of handmade 100% pure beef ball, Beef brisket, premium raw rib eye beef, tendon, honeycomb tripe and of course, the full flavored super beefy soup, Vietnamese Raw Beef & Beef Brisket Noodle Soup and Vietnamese Raw Beef & Beef Ball Noodle Soup.

Born out of their love for good food and “A World with Zero Hunger”, diners could choose the right tice or noodles portion from 100gsm, 150gsm or 200 gsm ans top up if needed more up to 200 gsm in total. For every finished meal, RM 0.10 will be donated to Food Aid Foundation.

Starting from now until 15th September 2020, Ăn Viet is offering 10% discount for one Beefiest Pho OR 15% discount for 2 Beefiest Pho OR 25% for 3 for non-members. As for members, enjoy more saving with 20% discount for one Beefiest Pho OR 30% discount for 2 Beefiest Pho OR 50% for 3.

If you would like to start you meal with a starter first, you may also try out its Ăn Viet Tasting Platter; Fresh Spring Rolls, Fried Spring Rolls, Rice Paper with Green Mango Salad and Sugar Cane Prawn.

Don’t like Beef? Worry not! Ăn Viet also offers chicken and fish dishes for all. One of the best dish that you must try was it’s Hanoian Style Fish with Tumeric & Dill with Vermicelli. This Hanoian specialty originated from Cha Ca La Vong Restaurant which was named by US’s MSNBC as the 5th of top 10 places you must visit before dying and is so famous that even the street it’s located on has been renamed after it! The fish was delivered live to ensure maximum freshness. It was then marinated with secret blend with 8 aromatic spices and grilled it to perfection.

One of the best desserts that you must also try was its Viet-ffogato; Coconut Ice Cream with Vietnamese Coffee. If you love coconut, ice cream and coffee. This is definitely a dessert worth a try.

Ăn Viet offers many more varieties of authentic Vietnamese cuisines which will definitely impressed your taste buds. They also offers a range of ready to cook food, allowing its fans to whip up an authentic Vietnamese meal like a pro!

For more information, check out their Facebook at

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