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Dim Sums have been a common breakfast for not only Chinese but many Malaysians. With this in mind, Halley by Wondermama has modified these common dim sums into some premium dim sums that would definitely excite its diners.

Halley by Wondermama’s dim sums was not only beautifully decorated but it was known for its delicious tastes. It brings a modern twist and redefines the multi-generational flavors which we all know and love. During our visit to Halley by Wondermama which is located at Republik Damansara Heights, we have checked out its signature dim sums; Halley Dim Sum Platter, Steamed Traditional BBQ Chicken Bao, and Charcoal Salted Egg Yolk Lava Bun.

The Halley Dim Sum Platter was beautifully decorated with 5 types of delicate dim sums; Charcoal Crystal Shrimp Dumpling with Truffle Oil, Shrimp & Scallop Dumpling, Swan Taro Puff Chilli Crab, Stir-Fried Radish Cake with Spicy Seafood Sauce & Dried Shrimp and Steamed Shrimp & Chives Chee Cheong Fun. With this platter, we have a chance to try out 5 types of dim sums all in one dish at a smaller scale.

Its Steamed Traditional BBQ Chicken Bao was one of the 6 Baos on its menu and the Charcoal Salted Egg Yolk Lava Bun’s taste was equally good! Since these were delicious, we have decided to order additional dim sums to try out! Chicken Shrimp Sui Mai with Black Tobiko and Shimp & Scallop Dumpling (Premium Har Gao) is the other 2 dishes that we have tried out. It truly meets our expectations in terms of tastes than what we had in 5 stars rated dim sums restaurant that we had ever tasted.

Besides that, Halley by Wondermama was also well known for its roast menu; Trio Roast Meat Platter, Avocado Roll with Crispy Silk Wrap, Duck Fried Rice, and Wok Fried Shanghai Ramen with Beef.

In order to try out more of its roast menu, we had ordered its Trio Roast Meat Platter which is a combination of Roast Chicken, Roast Duck, and BBQ Chicken. Overall all the meat was tender and juicy and has a different texture and taste too. Its Avocado Roll with Crispy Silk Wrap was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside with making it a perfect dish combination.

The Duck Fried Rice; a golden egg wok-fried rice with diced roast duck meat and diced crisp kailan stem were really delicious. Finally, we also had tried out one of its special Wok Fried Shanghai Ramen with Beef; stir-fried with high heat, this Wok Fried Shanghai Ramen is served with marinated beef steak, paired with egg, beansprout & chives. Both were really good too!

With its modern Asian-inspired interior and comfortable settings, Halley is the hip and upcoming Damansara Heights venue for business meetings and gatherings with family and friends, be it breakfast, yum cha sessions, and dinners. Chow down some all-day dim sum whilst having a tête-à-tête and a sip of tea with your friends; or savor our roasts, rice, and sharing dishes for those who are looking to fill up your tummies with a hearty meal.

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