Perfect Parents Day Gift that You Could Ever Give This Year

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The pandemic has been around for more than a year now. What it teaches us was the importance of health to us as human beings. Even though the environment has not improved, let’s also not forget the hands that have raised us up to what we are today. As Parents Day was approaching, what’s better to give our parents a gift of health to celebrate their sacrifices to us even though we are still not allowed to be back celebrating such meaningful days with them.

This year, our favorite Tea house and restaurant; Purple Cane has prepared a meaningful Parents Day Tea Gift for all filial sons and daughters to give to their lovely parents. Among the 2 teas that Purple Cane has highly recommended were: Aged Puer Tea (Qing Er Wu Year 2012) with Raw Puer Tea (Er Wu Wing Year 2012) Or Raw Puer Tea (Purple Cane 7542 the Year 2016) with Ripe Puer Tea (Purple Cane 7572 the Year 2016) Or Aged Raw Puer Tea (Shunxi Hao 2009) with Aged Raw Puer Tea (Shunfeng Hao Year 2008).

We personally prefer the Raw Puer Tea (Purple Cane 7542 the Year 2016) with Ripe Puer Tea (Purple Cane 7572 the Year 2016). The 7542 Raw Puer were produced in 2016 is a collection of multi-grade composite tea ingredients, which makes the tea taste moderate, soft, and smooth. The tea soup has a bright yellow color and a clear, fruit aroma, soft and mellow.

As for the 7572 Ripe Tea, it was produced in 2016 as well which uses the famous ancient tea mountain ecological big-leaf sun-dried green tea in Xishuangbanna as the base material and is made by the traditional fermentation process of ripe tea. The finished tea has a pure aroma, a strong red and bright soup color, and a sweet mellow taste.

The 7542 Raw Puer represents our Mother where it represents by bright and clear communication of a mother and also its soft and mellow character and the 7572 Ripe Tea represents a Fatherly figure where it has been drill with many challenges in his life which also gives us an impression of a strong tree to depend on. It also gives us a taste of sweetness with their own caring way towards us. These teas were recommended to be boiled with Zisha or Pottery for the best result.

“No matter how far we come, our parents are always in us.”

There is no better way to express our appreciation and filial love to our parents than with a cup of warm tea. 🍵Filled with love and care, dedicated to our parent’s health, a soothing brew warms their hands and heart. As much as tea is treasured, so should we treasure our parents and love them deeply.

P/s: Purple Cane also offers a Special Tea session for Parents Day Starting from 19th April – 30th June 2021. For more information on the TEAX Parents Day session, for more information, check out

Anyone who registers and purchases using the link above will be able to receive a FREE Mystery Vintage Puer Tea Pack (5g) on their First Purchase.

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