Pacific West Launches New Addition to Premium Seafood and Plant-Based Offerings

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Renowned worldwide as a leading provider of high-quality seafood products in over 28 countries, Pacific West is proud to announce the introduction of its latest addition this year.

Following the success of their Pacific Greens series, which featured a range of plant-based products free from Trans Fat and crafted with natural Non-GMO ingredients like the Plant-Based Wholly Burger, Fish Fingers, Crispy Burger, Crispy Scallops, and Crispy Calamari Rings, Pacific West now unveils Dairy West—a new collection that complements their existing seafood and plant-based selections.

To celebrate this exciting launch, Pacific West collaborated with Grind & Ground to host a delightful food tasting session at Going & Ground in Activo Place, Bandar Sri Damansara. As fortunate participants, we had the pleasure of sampling a selection of mouthwatering dishes prepared by Pacific West’s Master Chef and Grind & Ground.

Among the delectable creations we had the pleasure of savoring were Maki Rolls with Cod Fish Fingers, served with rendang sauce, pickled red onion, and lemongrass mayonnaise; Vietnamese Fish with Tempura Prawn, accompanied by chili sauce and vegetable pickles; Stir-Fried Sweet Chilli Squid Bites, served with basil and kefir lime leaves; Tempura Calamari Rings with Dill Yoghurt Sauce; Nasi Kerabu with Tempura Fish Fillets, featuring nasi kerabu, soft-boiled eggs, keropok, spicy green bean salad, bean sprouts, onion salad, anchovies in chili salad, cucumber, and sate sauce; Plant-Based Crispy Scallops with Cream Seafood Sauce, and Crumbed Cheese Sticks with Tomato Dipping Sauce.

It was truly remarkable to experience such a diverse array of flavors, ranging from Western platters to Japanese sushi, Malay cuisine, and even European delicacies.

For more information about Pacific West products, visit their Facebook or Instagram pages @pacificwestfoodsofficial.

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