Order and Get Your Pizzas in Less Than 30 Minutes with Dominos

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Have you realised that we have become busier after the reopening of the borders? While we still need to eat and taking care of our family, this would be even harder. Same goes to us and we need a quick family meal fix while we rush for our work but at the same time, we also wish to have out meal hot. Hence when we get to know about Dominos are offering FREE DELIVERY and 30-minutes Guarantee arrival time which looks perfect for our needs.

We had downloaded its Dominos apps and start ordering it’s Pizzas. We had ordered 2 Regular Pizza; Flaming Tuna and BBQ Chicken. While we are looking for their Signature BBQ Chicken and Breadstick, we had being attracted to it special Banana Kaya Dessert and have ordered one of it to try out too. Of course the best beverage to goes with the meal would be Pepsi Co.

Dominos Driver
Dominos Outlet on Map
Flaming Tuna
BBQ Chicken
Signature BBQ Chicken
Banana Kaya Dessert

We we surprised that the delivery only took us 23 mins to arrive which impressed us a lot. We believe its because Dominos outlet is just nearby no matter where we are. So it’s soooo…. convenient and fast to get our delivery right on out doorstep in the matter of minutes while it’s still hot from the oven!

All the foods cost us about RM 104 , which comes to RM 26 per person and it could fill you and your family of 4 tummy full for the meal.

Pst: The FREE DELIVERY are applicable for Dominos apps and website at https://www.dominos.com.my/

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