More Than 40 Years of Dim Sum Traditions in Marco Polo Restaurant

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If you say Malaysian’s eat Nasi Lemak for breakfast, Chinese in tradition eats Dim Sum for breakfast.

Even though Dim Sum in Malaysia is not quite the major event that it is in Hong Kong but it is still popular among the Malaysian Chinese who like their morning yum char. All the famous dishes like Har Gau (prawn dumplings), Shiu Mai (meat dumplings) and Cha Siu Bao (steamed barbecued pork buns).

One of the traditional Dim Sum making restaurant in Kuala Lumpur; Marco Polo Restaurant were one of the oldest restaurant in town has reopened its door after the MCO currently has been filled up with even more diners.

So what’s makes it being so well received? After trying out on their dim sums, we realized that it’s dim sum offers an authentic taste in it. Since it has been around for more than 40 years, this did not surprises us.

Among their signature dim sums in Marco Polo restaurant were;

When we talk about traditional Chinese restaurants, we will definitely be thinking about the additional seasonal foods that they offers. In conjunction with the upcoming mooncake festival, Marco Polo also offers varieties of mooncakes for its diners to dine in or take away.

Marco Polo Restaurant offers 18 types of mooncake flavors ranging from BAKED SKIN; Red Bean Paste, Lotus Paste, Lotus Paste Single Yolk, Lotus Paste Double Yolk, White Lotus Paste, White Lotus Paste Single Yolk, Jade Lotus Paste, Jade Lotus Paste Single Yolk and Mixed Nuts Mooncake to SNOW SKIN; “Peng Pei” Lotus Paste Single Yolk, “Peng Pei” White Lotus Paste, “Peng Pei” White Lotus Paste Single Yolk, “Peng Pei” Jade Lotus Paste, “Peng Pei” Jade Lotus Paste Single Yolk, “Peng Pei” Green Tea Lotus Paste, “Peng Pei” Mini Jade Lotus Paste, “Peng Pei” Mini White Lotus Paste and it’s Signature Durian Mini Mooncake.

For more information on Marco Polo Restaurant, check out their Facebook at

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