More than Chicken Rice at Jeremy’s Chicks

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Jeremy’s Chicks a Muslim-friendly restaurant originated from Wenchang Chicken Dish, one of four Hainanese menus that date back from the Qin Dynasty.
Jeremy’s Chicks served comfort food, including authentic Hainanese poached, roasted and other chicken varieties to serve all chicken rice lovers in Malaysia, along with other offerings such as Wantan Noodles, Pak Choy, Fish Balls Soup, and other sides too.

With endless menu options cooked fresh from their daily kitchen, including their Chicken Rice, Hong Kong Wantan Mee, Veggie and additional sides options. As many of you guys know, we are a fan of Hainanse foods too, hence we had ordered a few dishes delivered to our home to try it out.

We have ordered it Nasi Mixed (BBQ & Fried Chicken) and Nasi Ayam Percik as our mains. As for our sides, we have ordered its Kailan, Braised Egg, Sup Bebola Fish and of course 2 cup of Iced Tea as our beverage.

We realized that their foods taste were unique and refreshing. Its chicken meat were tender, the fish balls were fresh, the braised egg has a very tasty flavours in it and its kailan were delicious.

Currently Jeremy’s Chicks are offering a 30% discounts when you purchase from them at with the Code: AYAM30

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