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Recently, Redmi launched a new Buds series. The first product, Redmi Buds 3 Earphone, breaks through the original appearance and adopts a handle-shaped semi-in-ear design which reassembles Apple’s Earphones.

The Redmi Buds 3 are the new true wireless earbuds from the Xiaomi sub-brand. This is Redmi’s first headset with a semi-in-ear design. Buds 3 promises great things such as excellent sound quality, dual-microphone noise cancellation, and a 20-hour battery life. Best of all you get all this for just RM 139.

As Redmi has impresses us a lot with its affordable smartwatch and also phones. We have decided to get one of its new Redmi Buds 3 to check out what it’s in store for us in this earphone. Below are some of our first impressions and what we had found when using the earphone.

The Design

The packaging of the Redmi Buds 3 is very simple. After all, the price is so cheap that it is naturally impossible to increase useless costs in this regard. The packaging is white in color, with the name and product renderings printed with colored stripes on the front.

Taking out the main body, the charging box of Redmi Buds 3 has a rounded design and looks familiar, but the outer ringside has been cut into straight edges, so there is still a certain difference. The straight side allows the Redmi Buds 3 charging box to stand on the table easily. Indicator light and a team button on the front are also standard configurations of a truly wireless headset charging box.

The earphone should have a streamlined design with a very rounded cavity, but the earphone column part is similar to the charging box. It is not a simple cylinder, but a few more planes, showing a certain degree of edges and corners. The earphone adopts a semi-in-ear design, which is close to the shape of the auricle to ensure a comfortable feeling of wearing. The inner infrared detector can realize functions such as wearing detection.

There is a silicon microphone on the top of the earphone and the bottom of the earphone column, which can realize functions such as call noise reduction and voice commands. Because of the semi-in-ear design, the Redmi Buds 3 is extremely comfortable to wear compared to the in-ear design, and there is absolutely no foreign body sensation.

The overall volume is very small and the single ear weight is only 4.5g, providing lightness. Comfortable wearing experience. The headphone handle adopts an integrated design, and the absence of a mold line makes the overall look and feel more refined.


Redmi Buds 3 has an extremely high hardware quality brought by the 12mm moving coil unit has greatly increased its lower limit, which is absolutely sufficient for “listening to a sound every day” accented style.

When listening to pop music, this tuning style is very easy to produce effects, and it is more in line with most people’s tastes. When encountering complex high-pitched scenes, although the resolution is average, there will be no problems such as broken sound.

The Qualcomm QCC3040 chip used in Redmi Buds 3 supports aptX Adaptive encoding, which can adaptively provide low-latency and high-fidelity music experiences based on the content being played too.

Compared with the most widely used AAC encoding, aptX Adaptive can provide a bit rate of up to 420kbps when the connection is good, and you can hear more details when listening to lossless songs; and when playing games, the delay can be as low as 80ms Left and right, to ensure that the audio and picture will not be out of sync.

Each earbud has two high-sensitivity silicone microphones built inside. These help to reduce environmental noise and echoes, something that helps when conducting calls in noisy surroundings. Redmi uses CVC (Clear Voice Capture) noise reduction technology to achieve this.


In terms of functions, Redmi Buds 3 is also readily available, from voice calls, control to gesture control. Both the left and right ears support independent gesture operation settings. There are three gestures: double-click, triple-click, and long-press.

In addition, it also has a special intelligent scene function, which currently supports both morning and evening scenes, and more refined scene services can be expanded in the future. In terms of voice calls, Redmi Buds 3 supports dual-microphone noise reduction, which can easily eliminate noise and ensure that the human voice is prominent.


In terms of battery life, when listening to music for one hour, the average power of the earphone is about 20%. Therefore, it is estimated that one ear can guarantee 5 hours of battery life, and the charging box can be used four 4 times, and it can be used for about 20 hours intermittently. Even if you have the habit of listening to songs for a long time every day, charging once every two days is not a problem. Redmi Buds 3 also supports fast charging, only 10 minutes charge you can use 90 minutes.

What’s in The Box

The packaging of the Redmi Buds 3 is as pretty to look at on the outside as it is minimal on the inside. This is because, in addition to the earphones already inserted in the case, we simply find the charging cable and manuals.


As the 3.5mm headphone jack becomes rarer and rarer on mobile phones, people’s demand for true wireless headphones will only grow stronger.

Redmi chose to launch the Redmi Buds 3 for only RM 139 at this time. It is not difficult to understand that Redmi Buds 3 has become tens of millions of explosives in the crowdfunding stage alone.

Redmi Buds 3’s own product strength is not low, 12mm dynamic unit, with aptX Adaptive coding, “listen to a ring” enough while still enjoying low latency, listening to music and games are both correct. It is more fully functional, supporting voice calls, voice control, gesture control, etc. It has animated pop-up windows when connected to its own mobile phone, and its functional categories are even more abundant than some 500-600 headsets.

The sound quality is qualified, the game supports low latency, and it is so full-featured. Such a Redmi Buds 3 for only RM 139 is simply cost-effective. In the current environment where the headphone jack disappears, wired headsets have become history. Where can I find a high-quality and inexpensive entry-level true wireless headset? Redmi Buds 3 is the undisputed choice.

In addition to the low cost, the highlight of the device is the fact that it is lightweight and very comfortable to wear. The sound quality is decent for day-to-day use, the latency is low and the 20-hour battery life with a charging case will suffice for most. The pairing process is simple enough and works well, and there are some touch controls thrown in to make your life a bit easier. My one wish is for some sort of smartphone app that allows for controlling audio quality.

All things considered, this is a solid product offering that won’t break the bank. There are a few semi-open TWS headphones on the market. So if you’re after a pair these will set you back only RM 139. The Redmi Buds 3 is available now through official Xiaomi stores on Lazada and Shopee, Authorised Xiaomi Stores, and other official retailers in Malaysia.

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