Marrybrown Launches Mala-tup Combos

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There are an increasing demand for SiChuan Mala foods in Malaysia. Recognizing the need for more Mala foods, Marrybrown the first largest homegrown Halal fast food chain in Malaysia has specially curated some Mala dishes for it’s fans to try out.

Online Tramadol Overnight Align with Marrybrown’s motto “something different”, Marrybrown will be offering a mouth-numbing sensation’s MB’s Mala Fried Chicken at all of it’s Marrybrown outlets starting from 28th October 2020 till 13th December 2020

The MB’s Mala Fried Chicken is perfectly seasoned with SiChuan chili peppers and dried chili will definitely makes you feels the “Mala-tup” taste in your mouth. Paired with its Mala Fries, it will definitely be able to satisfy Mala fans taste buts. The MB’s Mala Fried Chicken comes in 2pcs MALA-Chicken Combo and 3pcs MALA-Chicken Combo both paired with a bountiful portion of mashed potato and fresh vegetable salad price from RM 15.90 and RM 18.80 respectively. Togather with the MB’s Mala Fried Chicken, Marrybrown also launched a very unique taste Bubur Ayam Mala-tup Combo, a spoonful of a heart-warming bowl of porridge will ease off the spiciness of the Mala Fried Chicken that specially catered to those who prefer a milder level of spice starting from RM 14.60.

Tramadol Online Echeck For those who love a wholesome of Mala spiciness, their Mala Box Meal would be best alternative as it is a combination of the fiery Mala Fried Chicken, a juicy Chicken Burger, vegetable salad and the well-loved crispy onion rings. Fans can also add-on the spice with the uniquely seasoned Mala fried to chomp on starting from RM 22.60.

All four Combo meals are served with a refreshing cup of Coca-Cola to help beat the heat. The Mala-tup combos are available for dine-in or take away. It is also available for delivery on their website at, GrabFood or FoodPanda. Marrybrown currently serves millions of customers in more than 500 restaurants across 16 countries with the objective of delivering the highest standard of quality, service, cleanliness and value for your perfect dining experience – be it in the outlet or at home. For more information on Marrybrown or it’s promotions, check out their Facebook at

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