Malaysia First Chicken Floss Popcorn by Supremeo Popcorn

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Chinese New Year is coming. It also means that we are allowed too much as many snacks as we like during this period. Besides the traditional Chinese New Year snacks we buy, what type of snacks that do you buy?

There was an increasing demand for buying popcorns for Chinese New Year snacks as it is a delicious and addictive snack to eat when we gather. Understanding the demands for popcorns during this Chinese New Year, Supremeo Popcorn; a snack maker that has dedicated its focus to make its snacks a quality and innovative one. Their snacks are loved for their tasty flavors.

Supremeo Popcorn kernels are imported from America and South Africa. Each kernel is fully coated for a mouth-watering taste bud tempting experience, better than those from the usual premium branded popcorn. The popcorn was made though an air fryer without any oil and there were no flavoring added into it which makes all its popcorn healthier than the rest.

Its bottle is double-sealed for crunchy mouth-watering freshness. Additionally, the popcorn can be refrigerated and chilled for a different experience.

Earlier this year, Supremeo Popcorn has launched a Limited Edition CHICKEN FLOSS POPCORN flavor; Malaysia’s first chicken floss popcorn (as you know Chicken Floss is also one of the snacks for Chinese New Year) in the market catering to the Chinese New Year festive season.

Supremo Popcorn’s were being made with sir fryer instead of oils and there were no flavoring added which makes it a HEALTHIER CHOICE for everyone. It’s was filled with flavorful popcorn taste perfectly paired with chicken floss making everyone keeps coming back for more!

Among other best selling flavors at Supremeo Popcorn were its;

  • Caramel Butter Popcorn
  • Salted Egg Popcorn
  • Chocolate Popcorn

Supreme popcorn is bought for parties and sharing and as a daily snack. It is a popular snack for festive occasions, movie times and even casual picnics! And now, it is getting more popular among Chinese to be consumed during Chinese New Year too! It also comes with different packaging catering to different needs. For more information, check out

P/s: The best thing is; they are HALAL! So it is also suitable for our Muslim friends too.

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