Local Talents Developing Innovatire Durian Foods and Snacks

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In recent years, durian has not only been a favourite for local but also international’s consumers especially in China.

Hence a young local entrepreneur; Aesos Lai who was in the T-Shirt design business has an idea to create a “Durian Kafe” (a durian down-stream retail outlet), was mooted from a concept derived from one of his T-shirt designs which was popular as a souvenir amongst tourists. Aesos was encouraged by a close friend who told him that the “Durian Kafe” concept will appeal to people who like something unique, durian-related food items, and another friend told him that the next “BIG” thing is Durian which is getting popular amongst Chinese tourists from mainland China.

Both of them then worked together to opened up this Durian Cafe in 2014 named “Sunshine Kingdom” where they sells their very own innovated durian foods such as Durian Nasi Lemak, Durian Popiah, Durian Tart, Durian Bun, Durian Ice Fire, Durian Cendol, Durian ABC, Durian Pudding, Durian Seri Muka and many more. The even offers cold durian foods such as Durian Ice Cream Popsicle, Musang King Ice Cream Cup, Durian Mochi and Durian Snowskin Musang King.

But as many knows, durian is an perishable products. Even it it has been frozen, there were also some limitation on how long it will last. With this in mind, Sunshine Kingdom has came out with many types of durian snacks which could be kept for a longer period and be brought back to the tourist’s country without any issues with the customs such as chocolates, biscuits, snacks and beverages.

Among their best seller snacks in their shop were; Durian Chocolate, Durian Tiramisu Dark Chocolate, Durian Musang King Chocolate Bar, Durian Pillow Biscuits, Bamboo Charcoal Durian Hiang Piah, Sunshine Cookies Durian Flavour, Durian Egg Roll Yellow, Durian Potato Chips, Durian Short Cake, Durian King Candy, Dodol Durian and for beverages; Durian Musang King Coffee, Musang King Coffee Luawak, Musang King Tongkat Ali and Charcoal White Coffee.

If you are durian fan, this is one of the place that could let you explore more durian food cuisines and also snacks all at one place. For more information, check out their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Sunshine-Kingdom

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