Lobster Bamboo Noodles with Black Truffle by Health Care Forte

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Are you running out of ideas what to cook during the MCO 3.0? I guess we are all the same. Running out of ideas by this time. Recently, we have attended a Live Show by Health Care Forte teaching us how to cook a Lobster Bamboo Noodles with Black Truffle meal for 3-4 person.

Health Care Forte an food experts which is inspired to contribute to health and well being of its customers by delivering the best health care foods, has collaborated with Li Garden Restaurant’s Master Chef who was trained in England; Chef Pam Weng Keong which has more than 20 years of culinary experience working in many Five Star hotels from different countries such as Hong Kong, England and many more, to bring the Live Show to everyone. After watching their live show, we had tried to order from Health Care Forte’s Lobster Bamboo Noodles with Black Truffle at home and the taste were unforgettable.

It’s Lobster is a freshly caught England Lobster (highly quality one and a big one too) perfectly with mixed with the famous Sang Har Noodles was awesome. I can’t forget the sweetness and juiciness of the lobster which nicely paired with the taste of Sang Har Noodles have bring me to the moon and back. Chef Pam also have incorporated a premium Western ingredient; Black Truffle into its Lobster Bamboo Noodles which makes this dish even more better and premium

The Lobster Bamboo Noodles with Black Truffle is also available for sale (with one day advance booking) at Health Care Forte at RM 188 (Retail Price: RM 228) till next Monday, 10pm. Price will change to RM 198 on 8th June 2021. Delivery services are also available. To know more about the foods that Health Care Forte offers, check out their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/healthcareforte

Pst: They will also be organising more live cooking event on their Facebook every Wednesday June 2021 too!

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