Light Up Your Day with Auspicious Lucky Tortoise Curry Bun

Food Slider During this pandemic, most of us are having a hard time dealing with either the pandemic, wealth and even mental health. But do you know that happiness can be found even in the darkest of times? One of the thing that could brighten up our day as a Malaysian were definitely the fooodss! We have recently found Lynn’s Bakery; a Halal certified Kitchen currently offering daily freshly made bakery to all of those who were in Klang Valley. Among the bakery that has attracted us were its Lucky Tortoise Curry Bun which comes with 2 flavors; chicken curry bun or vegetarian curry bun. The Curry were being wrapped with the bakery bun forming a tortoise shape which also represents logetivity and wealth. We had found out that this Lucky Tortoise Curry Bun were made for 3-4 person’s portion. But frankly we feels that the portion was very generous and huge. They even give additional curries in a separate box too! For us personally, we feels that this Lucky Tortoise Curry Bun could be consumed for 5-6 person instead. For RM 48, this is also a very worth while Curry Bun to look out for.

Can You Purchase Tramadol Online They were also offering FREE DELIVERY to all Klang Valley places whether you are from Klang or in the KL City. Why not make your friends and family day by getting them this auspicious Lucky Tortoise Curry Bun while supporting the local business that is fighting for survival. To know more check out their Website at or call 017 329 9077

Pst: In order to offer hot from the oven’s bakery to all, a 24 hours pre order is needed for the Lucky Tortoise Curry Bun.

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