Large Varieties of Thai Eats at Talad Noi

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Recently when we were wandering in Kepong thinking about what to eat, we spotted a Thai Restaurant named Talad Noi. What attracts us was there was a banner stating that it was the first Thai Food Hall in Malaysia.

Out of curiosity, we decided to drop into this restaurant to check out what the Thai Food Hall means. After exploring its menu we have found out that Talad Noi offers a large variety of budget Thai eats. Prices range from RM7 to RM14 for their menu selection. They even have ala carte Thai dishes that we had been craving for so long.

During our visit, we had ordered its signature dish Tom Yum Shrimp Red Soup, Koo Kha Moo Pork Leg Stew with Rice, Holy Basil Rice (Pork), Mama Mee Tom Yum Seafood, Pad Thai Fried Noodle with Prawn, Pineaple Fired Rice Seafood and Thai Steamed Lemon Fish .

At Talad Noi, they also offers Special Thai Teas, we had manage to try out all 4 of it’s Thai Tea; Thai Milk Tea, Thai Lemon Tea, Thai Milk Coffee and Thai Green Tea. Oh ya! We also tried out its Thai Red Soda and Thai Green Soda too. All are equally awesome. To end our meal, we had also tried out its Mango Sticky Rice and Water Chestnut in Coconut Syrupt.

We were actually impressed with how the food tasted here. As if we were in Thai. The steamed fish was one of our favourites as it was rare to find this dish around KL town. The only place that we had found was in Ampang. Which was one of our favourite Thai restaurants to go to too.

Now we have another favourite Thai restaurant to go to especially whenever we are near Kepong. If you would like to know more about Talad Noi, check out their Facebook at

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