LaMei Mala Hotpot The Best Mala Hotpot at Plaza Akardia

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If you are staying or around Desa Park City, one of the famous hotpot that located in Plaza Akardia must be one of the must visit restaurant in that area.

Often visited by many Chinese from China shows that this restaurants serves authentic local China cuisines in town. One of their signature broth set that often its visitors ordered was it’s Boiling Pot Bottom broth set which includes 4 types of broth; Spicy, Pork Bone, Wild Fungus and also Tomato.

This broth set was created not only for mala broth lovers but for those who do not fancy mala too. Diners will definitely get the best flavors of both world.

We have got some recommendations on the most ordered dishes in this restaurant such as Pork Belly, Fat Cattle, Snowflake Fat Cattle, Mushroom Platter, Octopus, Fried Bean Curd Crust, Vegetables Platter, Pork Dumplings, Fresh Tripe, Fried Bean Curd Crust and Shrimp Paste. We found out that all of it was all truly amazing.

LaMei Mala Hotpot offers more then 1300 items in their menu for selection and currently LaMei Mala Hotpot will be its Opening Promotion offering 20% OFF from your total bill. Try to grab this opportunity to get a taste of authentic Mala Hotpot direct from China at LaMei Mala Hotpot.

For more information on LaMei Mala Hotpot, check out on their Facebook at

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