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When we are lockdown at home, we will always crave many for types of foods that we could get easily before this pandemic. There were many types of foods are currently available to take away. From ready-to-eat foods up to foods that we could eat instantly. The common foods that we are able to get were mostly local comfort foods. But have you ever crave for other foods? Yes, there were many types of other foods that you could get in FoodPanda, Grab, and many more. But how do you know which would be the best?

While we are in searching for good foods we have come across a newly opened online Korean food delivery company online; BapsTheName. At first, we were attracted by the creative name and then we saw there were some of the foods that we had not been getting it for more than a year now. To be honest. Hence we have decided to give it a try with BapsTheName; which we also found it’s a Muslim-friendly cloud kitchen in TTDI.

We had ordered its Crispy Spicy Rice Cakes, Soy Garlic Chicken, Teriyaki Baps Bibimbap, Steak Fried Rice, and Chocolate Chip Cookies. Upon the food’s arrival, the foods were still hot which impresses us. Open opening the foods, the presentation of the foods was great too. We started out with its Crispy Spicy Rice Cakes and comes to our surprise it’s soft and delicious. Besides the Crispy Spicy Rice Cake, it’s the Soy Garlic Chicken. The Soy Garlic Chicken was perfectly fried with flour (pst: it’s crunchy too!) and the sauce was tasty. It’s not like the normal Korean garlic sauce that we had tried before. There is something different about its sauce but we can’t tell what it is.

We then proceed with the colorful Teriyaki Chicken Baps Bibimbap. The Teriyaki Chicken Baps Bibimbap was filled with basic Korean side dishes such as taugeh, kimchi, vegetable, carrots, cucumber, a sunny side up fried egg, and specially marinated teriyaki chicken. BapsTheName also offers Oyster Mushroom or Bulgogi Beef too. The dishes combination were just right and with the Korean sauce to mix with it, it makes it perfect Korean comfort food to eat.

If you are a fan of fried rice, the Steak Fried Rice is something that you would like to check it out too. Its fried rice is not as dry or watery as some of the ones that we have tried before. The beef steak is nicely cooked and it’s tender.

Of course, to end the meal, we do also ordered its signature Dessert; Chocolate Chip Cookie which is made fresh daily. We personally were not a super fan of cookies but both of us were loving it!

If you would like to know more about BapsTheName, check out their Instagram https://www.instagram.com/BapsTheName, or to order you could visit Maynuu, Beep Delivery, AAFood or FoodPanda.

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