Kontiki Restaurants Reopened Its Door with Scrumptious BBQ Seafood Dinner

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Being stucked at home for months now have not been a good thing for us physically and mentally. Getting out of our home by just dining our would be a good way to relieve the stress in us. As an Asian, we love foods. Hence what’s more to do than to have a great foods outside of our home?

Understanding the needs of getting out to dine, Kontiki Restaurant in The Federal Kuala Lumpur has taken it’s initiative to set up its new normal’s dining SOPs in its restaurant to enable its diners to enjoy its signature dishes in their restaurant without being worried about the virus.

With the new set up and some twist in their menu, Kontiki Restaurant now offers a wide array of seafood cuisines ranging from seafood on ice up to BBQ spread with a blend of Asian and Continental favorites.

For those who love to have some soupy meals or noodles, they also offers, Tom Yum Noodles Soup and Laksa besides it’s signature Chicken Rice.

There were also some hot dishes served is a pushing cart that will be move around the restaurants by it’s staffs to the diners table. It will definitely be an exclusive dining experience to get your foods delivered and served right on you table.

Besides their signature seafood highlights, they also has its Appetizer; Cold Platter and Salad Bar, Desserts; Fruit, Cakes and Local Kuihs up for grab

Kontiki Restaurant’s Seafood Dinner are opens on every Friday and Saturday night from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. Pice at RM 138 nett per adult, RM 69 nett per senior citizen and RM 49 nett per child you can dine in with a ease in mind.

For more information on Kontiki Restaurant’s Seafood Dinner, call +603 2148 9166 or whatsapp +6 012 316 9279 or +6 012 377 5051.

P/s: To adhere to the Goverment SOPs all diners are requested to have their mask on when ordering foods. The restaurants also has reduced its numbers of tables in the restaurant to half with not less than 1.5 meters apart in order to maintain a social distancing norms.

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