Kenny’s Food Cart Offers Premium Porridge

Food Slider The famous “Teng Chai Chuk” porridge restaurant in Aman Suria’s Kenny Food Cart has recently launched its new Premium Porridge series for its diners.

Along with it’s well received “Teng Chai Chuk” porridge, Kenny the owner and chef of Kenny’s Food Cart has came out with a series of Premium Porridge Series such as Fresh Prawns Porridge, Seafood Porridge (Prawns, Lala and FISH) and Seafood Porridge (Prawns, Lala and Dried Scallop) for those who would love to have more varieties in the Porridge.

The Premium Porridge are also good to goes with some side dishes such as Ginger Wine Lala Soup with Noodles, Friend Chicken, Fried Dumplings and Soy Chicken paired with Boiled Eggs and many more.

Cheapest Tramadol Overnight We at eRayn3 has tried out their Premium Porridge series and we are loving it. We have got then secret when we asked the owner why it taste so good. The secret was on its freshness of their seafood. All seafood in Kenny’s Food Cart are bought fresh daily. There are no frozen seafood are allowed in Kenny’s Food Cart as they would like to ensure the freshness and quality of each bowl of porridge. So why not head on tho Kenny’s Food Cart to give their Premium Porridge a try!

Tramadol Buying Online Psst… if you think that after MCO the shop would be empty, you are wrong. It was always full with customers. If you would like to pay a visit to Kenny Food Cart, try to be early or book your table before getting there. For more information on Kenny Food Cart, check out their Facebook at

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