Jim’s Recipe Opens It’s 380th Outlet at USJ Taipan

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380th outlets is not a small numbers. But have you heard about Jim’s Recipe? I believe not much of us had heard about this local name before. But why do they have so much of outlets? Where are these outlets located since many of us had not heard of it?

Let me give you some of the brand’s background. Jim’s Recipe is a local brand named after it’s founder Jim. Jim has started it’s business by opening a small stall selling sponge cakes in night market (pasar malam) in Puchong in April 2017.

Thanks to “A Bite of China 2” that popularised the idea of “tasting tradition” in food, people have been searching high and low to seek that taste of nostalgia, the taste that remains free of preservatives and the artificial flavourings of commercialisation. And they managed to find that in Jim’s Recipe brand.

With the support of China’s goverment, Jim has officilayy opened up its first tore in Jiangmen, China on May 20th 2018, marking the first step to our journey of venturing into the Chinese market. Up to date Jim’s recipe has marked his footsteps in China with 369 outlets, Philippines with 9 outlets, Malaysian 2 outlets and coming up USA.

So what’s makes Jim’s Recipe so well received by many?

Of course it is the taste of its bakeries! Jim started his passion for bakery since he was young. With his love for bakery and the wish to offer fresh, healthy and tasty cake recipes, Jim has continuously innovating new cake flavors to on a consistent bases which keeps its customers coming back to try out more new bakeries.

Among the types of bakeries that is available at Jim’s Recipe were; sponge cakes (Pandan, Chocolate, Salted Egg, Cheese and Original), Layer Cakes (Corn Layer, Pandan Layer and Yam Layer), Buns (Spicy, Crispy and Original), Swisrolls (Milky Roll, Black Forest Roll, Opera Roll and Tiramisu Roll, Salty Caramel Roll, Black Forest, Big Size Match) Egg Tarts.

Besides that, they also sells Seasalt Caramel Crisp Chocolate Paste, Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, Almond Coated with Durian Chocolate, Durian Chocolate, Almond Dark Chocolate and many more.

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For more information check out their website at https://www.jimrecipes.com/

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