Jigger & Shaker A Hidden Neighbourhood Gem in Seremban

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We might not be familiar with Seremban if we are not from there. Over the years, there were many developments has been done in this small states and now it has grown to be the upcoming city in Malaysia.

As Kuala Lumpur’s population has expanded, many of us opt to look for a cheaper housing option and one of the place was Seremban.

Located in this town’s d’Tempat Country Club, there lies a bistro, bar and entertainment restaurant; Jigger & Shaker has been gaining much popularity for its wide range of cocktails, mocktails and western fusion menu that suits the palate for all ages.

In order to create more new choices for its diners, Jigger & Shaker is moving towards a major revamp to its ala carte menu with mouth-watering and tantalizing dishes curated by its own Egyption Head Chef, Chef Sam.

According to Chef Sam, the major revamp of the ala carte menu is aimed at bringing in traditional style of cooking from various countries such as France, Spain, Istanbul, Cairo, Italy and Asia where the recipe was derived from cookbooks, family home recipe and customers feedback.

Among the new menu highlights in Jigger & Shaker are; Panzanella Summer Salad, Roast Beef Burger, Crispy Fish Burger, Duck Liver Pate, Sam’s Crab Dip, Sausage Platter, Panini Spicy Moroccan Lamb with Cheesy Wedges, Galvanize Pizza, Mutton Varuval with Ghee Rice, Sundried Tomato & Mushroom Linguine, Squid Ink Linguine with Salmon, Surf and Turf, Fantastic Four, Sam’s Chocolate Treat and Red Wine Poached Pear with Buttery Flakes Puff Pastry.

Panzanella Summer Salad
Sam's Crab Dip
Duck Liver Pate
J&S Sardine Rice Bowl
Squid Ink Linguine with Salmon
Sundried Tomato & Mushroom Linguine
Surf and Turf
Galvanize Pizza
Grilled Whole Spring Chicken
Fantastic Four
Panini Spicy Moroccan Lamb with Cheesy Wedges
Roast Beef Burger
Sausage Platter
Red Wine Poached Pear with Buttery Flakes Puff Pastry
Sam's Chocolate Treat

Of course not forgetting about their new beverages such as Purple Yam Milkshake, Green Tea Parfait Milkshake, Rosemary & Lime Spritzer, Apricot Ginger Fizz, Shaw’s Aperol Spritz (Moscato, Aperol, Blood Orange and Soda), L’m Driving (Nikka Whisky, Lemon Chillo, Chamomile Syrup, Elderflower Liqueur), For Goodness Sake (Sake, Tequila, Yuzu, Juice, Egg White, Lemon) and Birthday Bash for 2 (Apple Cider, White Wine, Peach, Mango Soda).

Purple Yam Milkshake, Green Tea Parfait Milkshake, Shamrock Milkshake and Irish Milkshake
Rosemary & Lime Spritzer, Apricot Ginger Fizz, Shaw's Aperol Spritz, L'm Driving and For Goodness Sake
Birthday Bash

For St Patrick day, Jigger & Shaker also offers 2 special drinks promotion valid from 16-22 March 2020; Shamrock Milkshake and Irish Milkshake.

For more information on Jigger & Shaker, check out their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/jigger.shaker/

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