Indulge in Cheesy Memories with Burger King’s Nacho Cheese Deluxe Burger this Merdeka Month

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As Merdeka month arrives, Burger King is here to satisfy our insatiable love for cheese with their latest offering – the Nacho Cheese Deluxe Burger. Malaysians are in for a treat as the iconic Whopper and Tendercrisp get a cheesy makeover, creating a delightful fusion of flavors that will linger on your taste buds for years to come.

Burger King’s Nacho Cheese Deluxe Burger takes their classic flame-grilled double beef patty or tendercrisp to new heights of indulgence. The star of this masterpiece is the delightful cheese medley, combining creamy nacho cheese sauce with premium American cheese, perfectly complementing the juicy beef patties.

Each mouthwatering bite of the Nacho Cheese Deluxe Burger is a burst of flavors. The flame-grilled double beef patty or tendercrisp provides a hearty and satisfying base. The cheesy combination of nacho cheese and premium American cheese adds a luscious touch, infusing the burger with a delectable blend of creaminess and savory goodness.

Completing the ensemble are tangy ketchup, smooth mayonnaise, and fresh lettuce, achieving a perfect balance of sweet and savory notes that elevate the taste experience.

Burger King’s dedication to serving quality burgers and meals shines through with the Nacho Cheese Deluxe Burger. The fusion of fresh ingredients, flame-grilled perfection, and the heavenly cheese medley make this burger a true culinary masterpiece.

The New Menu Items and Prices:
– Nachos Cheese Deluxe Double Beef Set – RM 19.90
– Nachos Cheese Deluxe Tendercrisp Set – RM 19.90

As Merdeka month calls for festivities and celebrations, the Nacho Cheese Deluxe Burger is the perfect treat to mark the occasion. Whether you’re gathering with friends or savoring a solo meal, this burger promises to add a special touch of indulgence to your dining experience.

Indulge in the Nacho Cheese Deluxe Burger, available exclusively at Burger King outlets across Malaysia for the entire Merdeka month. Treat yourself and your loved ones to this cheesy delight and redefine your burger cravings like never before.

Visit to find the nearest outlet and experience the cheesy goodness of the Nacho Cheese Deluxe Burger today. Hurry, as this limited-time offer won’t be around for long. Grab your cheesy memories while you can!

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