Homemade Multipurpose Paste by Sze Chilli

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Sometimes when we are cooking at home, we do need a quick fix on our meals. Ready to Cook meals is one of the great solutions but what if you do not have any of these at your home?

One of the secrets of most of our mothers or housewife would be Paste/Sauce. The sauce is an important ingredient for most of the foods we had. In this article, we would like to share with you one of the homemade local sauces by Sze Chilli. Sze Chilli is a small start-up offering homemade sauces based on Mom’s Secret Recipe without any preservatives.

Currently, they had launched 3 new paste that caters to a different type of chilli paste lovers; Sambal Belacan, XO Sauce and Mala Paste. The Sambal Belacan was made from dried chillies, chilli paid, sunflower oil, garlic, shallots, dried shrimp, belacan and tamarind juice. The Sambal Belacan paste actually is a very versatile paste of all. It could be used to fry Kangkung, Petai, Paired with Curry Mee, Nasi Lemak or Rice Meals, and many more.

While the XO sauce, the particular sauce is made using ONLY premium ingredients such as onion, red chilli, bird’s eye chilli, dried scallops, dry shrimps, dried cuttlefish, anchovies and sunflower oil. The XO sauce is perfectly paired with Kon Lo Mee and even White Rice. It can also be used to fry Vegetables and used as a bread spread too.

We had got all 3 of these sauces to try out and with our own creativity, we had tried to used the sauce to make; Sambal Petai and Ku Lou Yok Rice (sauce as asides) for Sambal Sauce, Stir-Fried Vege and Kon Lo Mee (sauce as a side) for XO Sauce and we had also cooked Mala Pork and also Mala Xiang Gua with its Mala Paste.

Comes to our surprise, the paste had a unique taste on it. It really feels like a homecooked meal with sauces. The Sambal Petai cooked with the Sambal sauce were great, the Stir-Fried Vege makes us feels its cook by a local baba Nyonya restaurant chefs. I believe the sauce also could be used to cook ladies’ fingers too. As for our favorite Mala, the paste was definitely spicy and mala but tasty too. Both of our Mala Pork and Mala Xiang Guo is gone in just 10 mins. Just remember once you open it up, you have to keep it refrigerated and for a longer shelf life of up to 6 months, you could place it in the freezer too!

The Sambal Belacan is priced at RM15 for a 100 gm bottle and RM28 for a 200 gm while the XO sauce is priced at RM18 for a 100 gm bottle and RM35 for 200 gm and as for the Mala sauce has only one size; 200gm which is priced at RM 18

Currently, they are running on a “The Dynamic Duo” promotion where you will get one bottle of 200 gm each of Sambal Belacan and XO Sauce at the price of RM60.

The Dynamic Duo is ideal as a giveaway too and will be presented with a simple gift box with trimmings at no additional cost. Delivery charges apply and for every two bottles of 200 gm ordered, delivery charges are capped at RM10 per destination (or less, depending on the location).

If you like to place an order, do WhatsApp 016 2011 340 for further details or check-out https://www.facebook.com/szechilli

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