Healthy Mooncake Delights at Marco Polo Restaurant

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The mooncake season is coming and many of us would be wanting to get some mooncake either for our own consumption or as a gift to our friend and families.

There are many mooncakes in the markets but how sure are you the mooncakes in the market were healthy? Do you know in order to make the mooncakes more tastier, some producer used pork oil?

So in order to get a healthier mooncakes, you have to take note on the types of mooncakes that you buy and how it i produced. This year, we have discovered the well known dim sum restaurant in town; Marco Polo has launched it’s mooncake series for its guest to dine in or take away.

These mooncakes were being produced by it’s experienced pastry chef which emphasizes on healthy mooncake eating. In order to produce a healthy and tasty mooncakes, their mooncakes were produced without any preservatives, less oil, less sugar and it is baked fresh daily.

Marco Polo Restaurant offers more than 17 types of mooncakes that suits different types of taste buds. Among these mooncakes, their signature mooncakes were; Red Bean Paste, Lotus Paste Single Yolk, White Lotus Paste, Jade Lotus Paste, Mixed Nuts and for egg yolk lovers; Lotus Paste Single Yolk, While Lotus Paste Single Yolk and Jade Lotus Paste Single Yolk. To surprise you taste buds even further, remember to check out their 100% Pure Musang King’s Durian Mini Mooncake at RM 33 per piece when you are there too.

Lotus Paste Double Yolk
Lotus Paste Single Yolka
Jade Lotus Paste
Mixed Nut Mooncake

Currently, Marco Polo offers mooncake sets for 4 pieces at RM 88 and RM 98 or starting from 7th August 2020 to 3 September 2020, enjoy a 25% OFF on any 4 pieces of mooncakes.

For more information, check out their Facebook at or call +6 03 2141 2233

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