Healthy Mediteranian Pizzas and Tapas at Cata Restaurant

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After this pandemic happens, we believe that many people are starting to be aware that living a healthy life is very important. There was nothing more important than our health and life.

As more people are practicing a more healthy life, the food that we take into our bodies is equally important. Eating and living healthy has always been a culture to Mediterranean people and the foods that they served or eat were definitely being carefully made for this reason.

We found one of the restaurants closed to us which is located in Bukit Damansara; Cata Restaurant serves authentic Mediterranean foods in their restaurants. Among the signature foods in the restaurants were Wood Oven Pizzas and Hearty Array of Tapas.

After the government announcement to allow fully vaccinated people to dine in, we had to pay a visit to the restaurant to try out some of their dishes. Since their Signature dishes were pizzas and tapas, we have started our meal with its Cold Tapas; Jamon Serrano (with Rock Melon and Port), and a Hot Tapas; Shrimp, Tomatoes, Basil & Garlic and also Duck Confit (Cannelloni Bean Stew, Roasted Radicchio).

The Jamon Serrano was perfectly paired making the dish an extremely appetizing one. For those who like Rock Melon, this dish is the appetizer that you would not want o miss. As for the Shrimp, Tomatoes, Basil, and Garlic, it was one of the best Shrimp tapas we have ever had. We have tried out this dish in Italy but it was nowhere near to the one that Cata Restaurant served. We truly love the sauce that has been paired with the shrimp. It’s yummylicious.

The Duck Confit was also equally good. The duck meat is not too soft and not too hard. It’s without any duck meat smell on it too. The sides that are paired with it’ the Cannelloni Beans Stew and Roasted Radicchio make the duck meat taste even better. It’s hard for us to describe the taste but we are loving it.

We then proceed with its signature wood-oven pizza; Cata Pizza (served with Tomato, Salami, Jamon Serrano, Spicy Chorizo, and Olives). We normally tough that wood-oven pizzas have a thin crust. But Cata Pizza had impresses us with a thicker skin pizza (but not as thick as Pizza Hut’s) which we felt its the perfect thickness for a pizza to have. Paired with its toppings, this pizza was something that we would be coming back for more.

While we were eating, we saw promotional brochures promoting Cata Restaurant’s new dish offerings and we were attracted to it. After talking to the restaurant’s staff, we had decided to also get one of their Bagels to try out. As salmon lovers too, we had ordered its Gravalax (Cured Salmon) on Multigrain Bagel. According to the Cures Salmon were marinated with some salt and add ingredients into it which makes the salmon its bagel were something special. It is much tastier than the normal bagels that we had outside.

We have to keep talking about the food but forgotten about its drinks. Cata Restaurants were well known for its El Vino (Wine) too. But as we do not want to take any alcohol during the days, we have opted for their Mocktail instead. We have tried out both of its mocktails; Apple Mojito (apple juice, lime, mint, rosemary & soda) and Virgin Sangria (cranberry & orange juice, mix fruits & soda).

Overall Cata Restaurant had gives us a very pleasant dining experience. With its thoughtful staff who were serving us like a King and Queen, this is definitely a place that I will go back to for more. No joke! It’s really good!

To end our meal, we have got 2 of its Signature desserts; Creme Brulee and Tiramisu Ice Cream to try out too. Its Creme Brulee has a rich sweetness taste on the top and a nice texture on the inside. It makes us can’t stop wanting for more. As for the Tiramisu Ice Cream, the tiramisu is not very strong which makes us able to taste the milky ice cream taste too. It really takes great skill for any tiramisu desserts to have this kind of taste effect as tiramisu already had bold flavors of cocoa and espresso which is hard to control when making any desserts with it.

Later we found that the owner actually runs the Le Cordon Bleu’s culinary schools in Bandar Sunway too. No wonder their foods we so delicious in our opinion. If you would like to know more, we would highly recommend you to check out their Instagram at or Whatsapp +6 019 242 3522 for more information.

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