Guided Tour with FREE Foods Tasting at Panasonic First Asian Experiential Store

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Panasonic Malaysia had just opened up its first-ever Asian Experiential Store’ Home2Com Solution Centre in Malaysia at The Vertical Bangsar South for consumers to discover their new products in person. It’s located just on the right-hand side of The Vertical main door and you wouldn’t miss it.

Following the introduction of its latest consumer product line-ups last month, Panasonic Malaysia is walking on its preach to innovate its approach to suit the new consumer buying behavior by opening up Experiential stores; creating opportunities for consumers to explore and experience new age consumer electronics because they believe that “Seeing is Believing”.

Home2Com first opened its door in 2017 as a B2B center and now extending the center to consumers to feel and understand more about Panasonic and its appliances. Its name is a play on the words Home, (To)wn, and Commercial as the center has both consumer and commercial products on display.

Align with Mr. Keisuke Nishida, the Managing Director of Panasonic’s brand vision’ “Create Today, Enrich Tomorrow” which placed high emphasis on enriching holistic well-being and helping people live their best lives by creating great products with great customer experience.

What to Expect?

Many might be curious about what you could expect when you visit this Panasonic Experiential Store, and here are some of the things you would be able to see Home2Com; Panasonic Experiential Store:

Back to Memory Lane

Understanding the history of the brand is something that is important for us to know about the brand. At Home2Com, consumers could learn how Panasonic grew and what is the first products that have been invented or launched to the market. If you are old enough, you might also find some of these appliances in your old homes when you were young.

Inner Well Being

Turning into its latest products, consumers could start with the exploration of its Kitchenware as healthy eating is important to important for consumers’ dietary and lifestyle needs. In this section, consumers would be able to explore products such as Refrigerators, Small Kitchen Appliances such as microwaves, ovens, Juice extractors, Bread bakers, blenders, Water purifiers, and many more.

Outer Well-Being

When we have Inner Well Being of course there would also be an Outer Well-Being section. In this section, Panasonic puts physical cleanliness, personal hygiene, and body care. Consumers could explore products such as washers, Home Showers, Oral Care, Men’s Care, Hair Care, Iron, and Bidets.

Spatial Well-Being

The Spatial Well-Being section talks about creating a comfortable, clean and safe living environment with good entertainment. In this section, consumers could check out Panasonic’s Television, Audio, Ceiling Fans, Air Conditioners, Air purifiers, and Vacuum cleaners too.

Business Solutions

The business Solutions section focuses on office systems, interactive projectors, integrated security solutions and video intercoms, and smart conferencing. If you are representing your company or business and looking for a good business solution system, you may want to check out Home2Com before deciding to buy one.

In order to verify the quality of Panasonic products, Home2Com is the best place for consumers to visit and experience the products by themself. We at eRayn3 would highly recommend those who are interested to learn more about Panasonic products or even just to learn more could pay a visit here.

The Home2Com is open to the public from Mondays to Fridays, 9 am-5 pm. If you would like to book a FREE Experiential Tour with FREE foods tasting, you may call 03-2242 1326 to schedule a personalized product discovery tour (which will take about 1 hour). Alternatively, you could also walk in to experience Panasonic’s products anytime during the opening hour above.

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