GreyV Cafe The Best Cafe in Petaling Jaya

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Alright, we guess many of us are still not able to visit any cafes till now. The same goes for us too. But the craving to dine in a cafe has been getting stronger nowadays for us since all of us has been fully vaccinated more than a month ago.

Hence we have decided to check out the best available cafes in our area that offer delivery in our area to try it out. While we are googling, we are attracted to Grey V Cafe which is located in Petaling Jaya had been listed as one of the best cafes in Petaling Jaya by more than one website. GreyV Cafe is an Industrial & Prison Theme Cafe that specialized in Starter, Mains, Finger Food, Pastries, Desserts, Coffee, and Mocktails.

We had decided to try out a few of its dishes in this cafe out this time. While we were browsing the menu, had been attracted to a few of the meals; Cajun Dory Rice Bowl, Honey Glazed Shrimp Rice Bowl, and Pesto Chicken Rice Bowl.

The Cajun Dory Rice includes a Cajun-spiced dory fish served with pilaf rice, broccoli, and capsicum mix. The fish was smooth with a medium-firm creamy texture of the meat and the cajun spice which is added into the fish spice it up even further. While the Honey Glazed Shrimp Rice Bowl which is served with saucy shrimp with a bold marinade of honey, soy sauce, oyster sauce, cajun spice, and chilli flakes have impressed us. We did not think this combination would work well. But once we had a bite on it, we can’t stop eating it till the end.

To eat more healthily, the Pesto Chicken Ric Bowl is one of our choices. It’s served with chicken breast, edamame, mushroom, red cabbage specially made for health-conscious eaters. To our surprise the meat is soft and tender while pairing with their homemade sauce, it was delicious!

While writing about Grey V Cafe, we realized that they are currently open daily from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm for dine-in too! If you would like to know more about Grey V Cafe, you may check out their website at

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