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As many of you guys know, Lulu Hypermarket is one of the all-time favorite hypermarkets that we love. We have been visiting Lulu Hypermarket on monthly basis to purchase our stuff.

We love Lulu Hypermarket because, through its 70,000 sqft LG floor grocery supermarket in Setia Alam, the area was being used to offers quality imported chocolate, fresh foods, kurma, nuts, hot items, beauty & health, hot foods, wet market, household items, and many more. Every time when we visit Lulu Hypermarket, we would definitely spend hours of shopping time to shop and buy stuff in the hypermarket especially on the groceries floor. As Lulu Hypermarket was specialized in high-quality Arabian products and foods, you would be able to find varieties of Arabian products that are hard to find elsewhere in this hypermarket, we were intrigued to find many types of products and foods that offer everything we were there.

In order to reward back its customers, Lulu Hypermarket in Setia Alam has launched an exciting “Coupon Craze” starting from 15th September till 30th September 2021 in Lulu Hypermarket Setia Alam. With every purchase of RM 100 on groceries, visitors would be able to receive an additional *RM 50 cash vouchers to shop at their fashion store on the UG level.

As Lulu Hypermarket offers many varieties of products in the groceries area, we would easily purchase more than RM 100 in its groceries area alone. Hence to get the RM 50 vouchers to us is not an issue at all. With the RM 50 cash voucher, visitors like us could head on to its Fashion Store at the UG level with a span of 40,000 sqft UG floor. At this level, we would be able to find varieties of traditional clothing such as Indian Sarees, Malay Kebayas, Men’s and Women’s apparel, Infant and Kids apparel, Handbags, Footwears, and also accessories.

We are able to select varieties of products from its Fashion Store ranging from its Men and Women’s Apparel, Infant and Kids Apparels, Handbags, Footwears and also its all-time favorite Indian Sarees section.

Pst: Lulu Hypermarket has the most complete Indian Sarees section in all hypermarkets in town. They have many types of Indian apparel ranging from the price of RM 39 up to hundreds of ringgit for much more complicated sarees and the build material is of the high-quality ones. We personally like to touch the sarees fabrics as they feel really good. We had personally brought an Indian Saree from its section which only cost RM 39 and also a walking shoe at RM 49 which is very comfy too!

The Lulu Hypermarket in Setia Alam is one of the largest outlets in town. With the span of 150,000 sqft space in Lulu Hypermarket Setia Alam, you could find varieties of items in the hypermarket which suit different people and needs. It also offers more than 400 car park spaces for its visitors too. Hence parking would not be a problem and social distancing would definitely be able to be practice during your shopping time there.

For more information on Lulu Hypermarket news, check out their website at

* RM 50 cash vouchers could be used with any purchase of RM 100 of Lulu’s selected Fashion Store products

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