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De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan has been the most sought-after restaurant in town and this year, together with Cafe Chef Wan; they are collaborating with SmartBite to offer Wan to kick off the Ramadan and Eid festivities with a selection of delectable family feasts and Gifts of Raya.

SmartBites the No. 1 Catering Marketplace in Southeast Asia are providing a comprehensive platform that enables everyone to easily order meals online will be bringing you a delicious line-up of Ramadan and Hari Raya menu items, SmartBite will be featuring three of Chef Wan’s sumptuous sharing sets – Ramadhan Set A and Ramadhan Set B, priced at RM248+ and RM368+ each at De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan and the Raya Set priced at RM268+ at Café Chef Wan.

Suitable for feasts of up to four to five people, the sets will consist of 8 to 9 items including delectable starters, desserts, also featuring his famous Ikan Jenahak dish; also known as the Silver Snapper. Its fan-favorite Daging Puteri Manis, the classic Ayam Pencak. With all these options and more, customers will surely be spoilt for choice. Ikan Masin is a fusion of salted fish, green chilies and ginger, and the tangy Acar Buah Dewan, a delectable mixture of citrus fruits, lemon peels, raisins, dates, and nutmeg.

After looking into the dishes selections we have tried our its, Mix Satay and Kerabu Pamelo with Crispy Prawn Cheek (Juicy pomelo pieces mixed with crunchy dried shrimps and a generous helping of prawn cheeks fried to crispy perfection, tossed with special lime-zipped kerabu dressing that is mouth-watering and refreshing) as a starter which we could say is out of this world. The satay was definitely better than Satay Kajang in our opinions.

We also have tried out De.Wan 1958’s Ayam Badam Pudina (Flavourfully marinated chicken, spiced with cardamom seeds, fragrant coriander and bay leaves, fried to a golden brown and served with a dash of condensed milk, almonds, and a touch of mint), Daging Puteri Manis (Premium beef tenderloin, cubed and simmered in thick curry paste, infused with fragrant spices and sweetened with juicy tomatoes, it is the ideal dish to go with any choice of rice), Ikan Siakap Bakar Air Asam, Sambal Kicap and Sambal Hijau – this is our favorite. I personally could actually finish up the whole fish. it tastes soo….. Good! The Sambal Terung and Kacang Botol (Crunchy winged beans and creamy eggplant lightly stir-fried in Chef Wan’s special sambal paste, this is fragrant, flavourful, and an absolute delight for your tastebuds) is one of the unique dishes that we had ever tried out. I could also be taken as a snack as it was so crunchy and tasty.

As for rice, we have an option to choose 2 types of rice to goes with it. We have got its Nasi Bunga Telang and Nasi Bunga Terengganu. If you like the taste of Kafir Limes, you would definitely love the Nasi Bunga Telang; a Blue colour rice which has a taste of kafir lime’s leaves or if you like me likes the crunchy fried eggs flower, the Nasi Bunga Terengganu is for you. To end the meal, we have got the Bubur Pulut Hitam (dessert oft he day) as our desserts. The Bubur Pulut Hitam was delicious, the thickness was perfect and the black bean was being cooked till soft. One of the five starts desserts that you could ever get in town. The Ramadhan Family Set that we had were price at RM 248 also comes with Buah Kurma which consist of 2 types of Kurma in the box!

We could here certified with our name that De.Wan 1958 is definitely one of the best restaurants with local delicacies that you could ever get in the whole of Malaysia (at least). We highly recommend you guys to try out De-Wan 1958’s dishes whenever you have a chance. Either dining in or delivery.

As De. Wan 1958’s exclusive delivery partner, SmartBite will be making deliveries as far as 60km. Customers will get to enjoy free delivery on the first 10km, and free delivery with unlimited distance for orders that are above RM240.

The one-stop-shop for all your needs, SmartBite provides all parties involved with seamless and a complete catering experience. With nationwide coverage, and dedicated customer service for large accounts with no additional fees, the platform also offers 5% of the order value at De.Wan as loyalty rewards and a 30% promo code for new customers. Readers can use code NEWDEWAN for De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan and NEWCAFECW for Café Chef Wan (maximum discount RM50 for De.Wan and RM20 for Café Chef Wan). T&Cs apply.

To find out more, please visit: or call 1800 82 1881 (toll-free).

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